14 Tips for Building a Dog House

In addition to the location you choose and the materials you use to make the dog house, you must keep in mind that it has to be clean and dry
14 Tips for Building a Dog House
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Last update: 27 December, 2022

It never hurts to give your dog a gift. Use these 14 tips for building a dog house to give your dog one. Daily coexistence provides love, company, security and great joy for the entire family.

Factors to think about

There are several factors to consider when building a dog house. You should think about the size, weight, age and the type of fur your dog has. Small, medium and large dogs will all have different needs.

You should also consider your dog’s breed or if he’s going to keep growing. His weight will increase each month until he reaches adulthood. The amount of hair he has is also a very important factor.

A safe and happy pet

The most important thing is to make sure your pet feels safe, comfortable, happy, clean and pampered through the day and night. Location is another fundamental aspect of having a dog house. Usually, they’re placed in the yard, garage or in a place where the dog won’t get too hot or cold, depending on the season.

You should design the dog house according to your dog’s personality and habits. There are dogs that tend to be very active, restless and playful while others are more calm and lazy.

A clean and dry house

Always remember that your dog’s house is a shelter that has to be kept clean, dry, and free of dust, sand, wind, and rain. You also should make sure any insects or rodents don’t get inside because they can get your sick.

Dog house with a dog

Ideally, you should build a modern, practical and strong house for your pet. They repay you with love, loyalty, and companionship.

14 tips for building a dog house

These are some very important tips when building a dog house:

  • Dog houses can be made from wood or plastic. The material you use will depend on whether it’s inside or outside the house.
  • The dog house should be a good quality construction job. Make sure it’s durable, resistant to weather changes and durable.
  • The base of the dog house can be made out of wooden or concrete planks that are placed higher than the surface of the ground. You can cover the floor with blankets that are easy to change and wash.
  • The house should be one and a half times the length of your dog, this measurement doesn’t include their tail. The width will be estimated by measuring 3/4 the length of the dog’s body, without measuring their tail.
  • As for the doghouse height, it should be 1 1/4 times the height of the dog’s head. When calculating the entrance, make sure it’s six centimeters larger than your dog’s shoulder width.
  • The entrance has to be appropriate for your dog’s size, preferably rectangular or semicircular. It should be wide enough that your dog can enter comfortably and wouldn’t want to sleep somewhere else.
  • If the house is made of wood, you should build it will boards, roof panels and walls. Varnishing the interior is a great idea to guarantee the cleanliness of the house.
  • Once you have the dimensions ready, you can cut the wood with an electric saw. You can also take the dimensions to the sawmill to be cut out. This will make the construction process easier.
  • To join the boards, use nails, cold glue, and screws.
Wooden dog house

Painting: roof and accessories in the dog house

  • When painting, be sure to use non-toxic materials that are synthetic enamel or oil
  • A removable roof, anchored with hinges will make cleaning a lot easier. The roof should be tilted and have eaves that provide protection from rainwater, the sun or snow from entering. You can also use asphalt shingles to give it a touch of elegance.
  • We don’t recommend putting carpet inside the house. It will get dirty very easily and will be difficult to change. Instead, use quilts or pillows that the pet can rest on.
  • It’s best to keep their food and water bowls outside of the dog house. This will keep it cleaner.
  • You can customize the dog house by placing accessories in front of it. A plaque with your pet’s name on it is a great idea. Using bright colors and hooks to hang their leashes on are also great additions. 

Your dog’s own space

Pets are always great friends, part of the family and often very spoiled. Pampering, entertaining and loving them is part of being an owner. These 14 tips for building a dog house will help you give them their own space. Your dog will feel free to use it as they please, to sleep or rest, according to his preferences.

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