4 Tips to Help You Find a Chew Toy for Your Dog

Aside from the shape of the chew toy, you should also consider your dog's age and the materials it's made with because some can be toxic to pets
4 Tips to Help You Find a Chew Toy for Your Dog

Last update: 06 January, 2019

Dogs that live in a small house, or that are very old, tend to live very sedentary lifestyles. Using toys as an incentive can help to get them moving and to help them with their boredom. A chew toy is an ideal option to help dogs entertain themselves when they’re home alone.

As dogs grow, it’s important for them to do enough physical activity that involves their owner. This will improve their relationship. If you get your dog a chew toy, they can strengthen their teeth while playing. 

However, before going to the pet shop for a chew toy, you should take certain aspects into consideration. Although they may seem obvious, you sometimes overlook them. This will help your dog get more enjoyment from it.

Get safe chew toys

Although accidents can always happen, there are chew toys that are dangerous for dogs, depending on both the toy and the animal. Also, it’s important to consider if it’s a toy that the dog can use alone, or if they must be supervised to avoid any possible dangers.

When choosing a chew toy for your dog, keep in mind that plastic ones will break more easily. These can damage your dog’s mouth. If you want something that’s durable, clean and large, a cow bone is a solution. These products are edible, durable and, due to their size,  they can’t be swallowed.

Dog running with a chew toy

If you want to play with your dog more actively, you should get a tennis ball. However, you have to stay alert when your dog uses it. If it breaks, you should immediately remove it from their mouth.

Also, golf balls are never a good idea. They’re small and made of toxic substances that are harmful to your dog.

Buy chew toys at a trustworthy pet store

Stores have to maintain certain controls on the products they sell. This will help ensure that your dog won’t experience any type of poisoning, stomach perforation or any other issue as a result of a poor quality toy.

It’s also important that you read the chew toys’ labels so you can use them properly. You should never buy any toy with detachable pieces that could choke your pet.

Choose an age-appropriate chew toy for your dog

Just like children, dogs need special toys that fit their needs during as they grow. You can give them a special stuffed toy for puppies because they love to bite and taste everything they find.

Also, if you choose a soft toy filled with fiber, this can alleviate any discomfort in your puppy’s gums. Toys are very special gifts for puppies. They become very attached to their possessions over time.

Dog with a cloth chew toy

If you’re looking for toys for your adult dog, you should know they’re also very important. They are helpful for strengthening the relationship between dog and owner. They also add something fun and new to their routine.

Choose a chew toy for your dog that they’ll like

Owners often go into chew toy shopping blindly. They don’t know for sure if their dog will like it or not. So, it’s important to know your dog’s tastes so you can find an ideal toy. 

There are several different categories you can choose from:

  • Fetch toys: like balls or frisbees that will keep dogs entertained and physically active
  • Chew toys: these types of toys are special to keep dogs entertained or to soothe the pain that puppies feel in their gums when their teeth grow. Choose a toy made with resistant material so your dog can enjoy it for a long time.
  • Tugging toys: generally, dogs like to tug on ropes with knots tied at the end. Owners can also use them to train their dogs and teach them commands.
  • Intelligence toys: these toys keep your dog’s minds stimulated while also offering them a reward. It’s important that the owner watches them when they use this kind of toy.

Regardless of what kind of toy you choose, the most important thing is that your dog enjoys it. Both their time at home alone and with their owner will be more fun and entertaining.