5 Nordic Dog Breeds

5 Nordic Dog Breeds

Last update: 15 August, 2018

Due to their thick coat, these dogs can withstand low temperatures. These dogs working pulling sled in the cold places they come from.

You can recognize and identify them easily because of their huge amount of fur, which allows them to walk in the snow and cold without any trouble. In the following article, you can learn about some Nordic dog breeds.

What are Nordic Dog Breeds?

Although you can now find them almost everywhere, Nordic and snow dog breeds have been bred in environments that are practically always cold. Therefore, they have thick coats and often pull sleds. Some of them are:

1. Siberian Husky

Of course, this Nordic dog breed list can’t begin without naming the most famous one of all. The Siberian Husky– whose photo appears at the beginning of this article– was created by a tribe to be a companion animal, for deer grazing, pulling sleds, and keeping children warm. 

Resembling a wolf, this dog is medium-sized, has a very thick white coat with black or brown patches, and has light blue eyes in most cases. This breed is intelligent, it howls instead of barking and loves to live in a pack. Plus, it can withstand a lot of physical exercise.

2. Samoyed

Did you know that this dog breed is known as the “smiling Samoyed”? It’s been given that nickname due to how its face looks. This is a breed originated from northern Russia. Nomadic shepherds bred these dogs to help with herding, puling sleds, and providing warm to its owners at night, just like the husky.

Nordic dog breeds

The Samoyed is completely white– it has a double layer of fur– except on its nose and eyes, which are black. Another distinctive feature is its tail that looks like a “hook” and folds over its back. It’s very energetic and is a very happy dog even at an old age. Nevertheless, it doesn’t make a good guard dog.

3. Alaskan Malamute

This is one of the oldest sled dogs. It has a similar appearance to a wolf, and can pull large loads for several kilometers. This dog has a lot of gray, black, and white fur. Also, its tail is folded over its back and its ears are pointed.

Nordic dog breeds

The Alaskan Malamute has quite playful personality. It’s faithful to its owner and protects children. Likewise, it likes open spaces and the outdoors. This breed is fearless, very energetic, and it prefers to live with other dogs in a pack.

4. Elkhound

This Nordic Dog Breed was born in Europe, precisely in Norway, where people consider it as the national dog. Elkhound means “elk hunter”, because that’s what people first used it for.

Nordic dog breeds

Currently, this breed is also used as a hunting, herding, guard, or defense dog. It can withstand a lot of exercise and low temperatures. It’s known for being courageous, and it won’t fear animals that are larger than it. This dog’s fur is gray, black, and white, and its body is very compact and sturdy.

5. Karelian Bear Dog

The last Nordic dog breed on this list is originally from the Karelian region of Finland, and was initially a hunting dog (especially for bears, hence the name). Its thick black fur with white spots allows it to adapt to the harsh Scandinavian climate.

Nordic dog breeds

This breed is very old. It is medium-sized, sturdy, and strong, with rounded pointy ears, and a thick, arched tail. Plus, it’s a brave, agile, and very tenacious dog. All or this breed’s senses are very developed, especially its sight and smell.

If you want to own a Nordic dog, you should pay special attention to its needs, because it cannot withstand heat and will need a lot of exercise on a daily basis. 

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