5 Tips for Eliminating Bad Breath in Dogs

December 13, 2018
Bad breath is an unpleasant problem that really makes everyone feel awkward. In fact, it's proven that one of the most embarrassing moments can happen is when somebody tells you that you have a bad breath.

Although some people don’t know, dogs can also feel awkward for having bad breath. This fact makes them very similar to humans.

When you’re dog has bad breath, it’s very important to do everything possible to eliminate the foul odor. However, this isn’t always easy. Below, are 5 tips that will be very helpful to solve this problem easily.

Feed them properly

Dog being fed properly to eliminate bad breath.

The way in which you feed your four-legged friend is often a determining factor in having a good or bad breath. This is why if your companion doesn’t eat well, they will have a foul odor, whereas if you feed them properly, it will be the opposite.

For example, if dogs eat a lot of meat, it’s very common for their breath to smell terrible. This is because these foods often leave residues on their teeth, which are subsequently attacked by bacteria.

The most advisable thing is to provide your dog with a diet based on dry foods such as kibble, instead of canned food. This way dogs will be well fed and their breath won’t smell bad.

Buy them toys

These items won’t only help your dog to have fun and get rid of stress, but they also allow your pup’s breath to smell nice and fresh.

To many people’s surprise, many dog toys also work as a kind of toothbrush that cleans their teeth and eliminates the remains of food.

While this is something recommended to eliminate your dog’s bad breath, it’s important that your dog starts using toys from puppy-hood. This way they’ll have good oral hygiene and they’ll avoid developing the bad habit of chewing on things.

The toys that work best for this purpose are those that are made with nylon or natural rubber. This is because they massage your dog’s gums and cleans their teeth due to the dog’s consistent chewing.

Coconut oil used for eliminating bad breath

It’s no secret to anyone that there are many oils that are great for our health. However, this is something that also happens with man’s best friend.

Of all the oils you can give your dog, one of the best is coconut oil. This oil is fantastic thanks to a series of properties that are incredibly favorable.

In fact, this oil is extremely effective as a nutritional element and as a stabilizer for your dog’s metabolism. This is why the consumption of coconut oil will be essential to eliminate bad breath.

A small spoonful a day will do more than enough for your dog. Not only will it improve their oral hygiene improve, but also the shine of their hair.

Let them chew parsley

Let’s face it, at some time when we have had bad breath, there has always been someone who has recommended chewing parsley to combat this problem.

The curious detail isn’t only that it’s one of the most effective natural remedies against this problem, but It’s also useful for dogs.

You didn’t know? It happens that this plant has properties that make it effective against digestive problems.

If you want to your dog to chew on parsley, it’s advisable to give them a small piece twice a week. Never give it to them too many times in a row because it could be harmful.

Give them fresh water

Dog drinking water for eliminating bad breath.

Considering that a bacteria causes bad breath, one of the places where bacterias can appear most often is in your dog’s bowl of water.

To get rid of their bad breath is just by making sure you always serve them fresh water. This way, there won’t be any bacteria in your dog’s bowl. So you won’t have to worry about your dog’s bad breath.

Just by following each of these tips, you can keep your dog’s oral hygiene under control.