7 Dog Breeds You'll Love

7 Dog Breeds You'll Love

Last update: 27 April, 2018

Dog lovers have always wanted to have purebred dogs due to their beauty and elegance. However, things have changed. More and more people want mixed-breeds. So, what would it be like to have a mix of two breeds. 

It would be fantastic! That´s not all, it’s possible. Below are some mixed-breed dogs from two different purebred parents.  They actually are some pretty funny and beautiful specimens.

Strange Dog Breeds You’ll Adore

It’s possible these breeds could become recognized and sought after like purebred dogs. Even if that doesn’t pass, we can still enjoy them and have fun looking at them.

Since they still don’t exist, we’ll come up with a name for every dog by combing the names of both breeds. This way it’ll be much more fun! Use the names to figure out which two breeds they are before reading the description. Ready?


This extraordinary animal is a mix between a Dalmatian and a Corgi. Corgis have excessively short legs and large pointy ears. Also, their fur is strong and bushy. The dalmatian on the other hand, well you already know what they’re like! Now, imagine a dog that’s barely goes half way up your calves but full of dalmatian polka dots with long pointy ears. This is a Corgimatian.


A strange mix between a Husky and a French Poodle.

We all know about Husky being grey, bushy, and having blue eyes. The French Poodle – – for those who don’t know – – is the most common type of poodle. Can you imagine this mix? Well, it’s truly adorable. It’s like a Husky puppy but with a larger head.  Although, its f fur appears to be in a more roundish shape.


Can you imagine a Corgi with soft ears and completely white fur? Or can you imagine a Poodle with big pointy ears? It’s an adorable animal that will amuse anyone upon seeing it.


There are some people who don’t really like the the facial features of a Dachshund. Would you be able to change it for one that looks similar to a Chihuahua? A Chihuahua with the body of a Dachshund is much more elegant and strong than its normal flimsy little body.

Adding the elegance of the Chihuahua’s head to a body of a Dachshund creates a more extraordinary and cute breed. Well, whatever tickles your fancy…


Mixing two of the planet’s most adorable breed, couldn’t give us a more lovable outcome. Can you imagine a Husky covered in so much fur that you almost couldn’t see it?

What would a Chow Chow with brown or grey fur and blue eyes be like? When you see it, you won’t believe that it isn’t a teddy bear. If you want to amaze your friends, you won’t be able to think of a more strange and lovable breed than this one.

The Golden Dox

Do you love Golden Retrievers but don’t have any space in your small apartment? Don’t worry! Now you can have a small one!

Yes you can, and this is the result of a mix between a Dachshund and a Golden Retriever. How did this happen? We have no idea. What we do know is that it exists and now you can have a Golden Retriever at the size of a Dachshund or a very furry Dachshund, or viceversa…


How could anyone have guessed that these two breeds would mix like this? If the mix of a Pitbull and Husky seems strange to you, you’re certainly not mistaken.

These two breeds produced this funny looking animal. It has the size and face of a Pitbull, and the snout, fur color and blue eyes of a Husky. Have you ever seen anything more bizarre and adorable at the same time?

These are some of the most fun and lovable dog breeds. We hope you’ve enjoyed them.  Feel free to let us know about any other breed we failed to mention.


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