Dogs Help Children Learn

Dogs Help Children Learn

Last update: 31 December, 2018

We’ve talked several times about the benefits of having a dog at a home with children. With just their attitude and love, they are able to teach your children good things. These fantastic lessons will stay with your children for the rest of their lives. Continue reading to find out how dogs help children learn. 

Proof that dogs help children learn

There was a conference for several pet associations. Among them, there was the Autism Spectrum Labrador Association. At this event, they showed different obedience, defense, and agility exercises. This took place along with other physical training that is good to show how skillful these animals are.

Dogs help children learn, especially autistic children

Photographer: Keneth Cruz

According to Amelia Suárez who works with the Autism Spectrum association “interacting with a dog makes children learn much faster and it activates their motor skills.” Her experience emphasizes on treating autism with dogs.  And for many years, the Autism Spectrum Association has worked with larger centers and schools. They have seen the benefits that come from working with a dog.

The competition took place in the Magdalena auditorium in Avilés, Spain. You could see how the children had toys all around them. But they didn’t know what to do until a dog came up.

For instance, you could see children with hula hoops next to them. They grabbed them and looked at them. But when a dog came up, the child acted quickly and raised the hula hoop in order for the dog to jump through it. Suddenly, the children looked for other objects that they could use to play with their canine friends.

In a short presentation, they showed that having a dog makes a child’s mind more flexible. It also strengthens their senses and speeds up their learning.

A child’s learning: emotions

Besides providing a child with more flexible learning skills, having a dog is very beneficial for children. There are some health benefits. Studies have shown that children who grow up with dogs are less likely to get asthma.

They are also exposed to more bacteria and other outside agents. This is because the dogs bring them in. Having a dog strengthens the child’s immune system and keeps them from contracting diseases or getting infected by viruses, which is an easier way to protect them from a disease.

On top of all of this, pets teach great life lessons that can make kids better people. You can take a look at the list below. However, if you have children and a dog, we’re sure you’ll think of a few more:

a boy and his dog
  • Responsibility. From the time a dog arrives at your home, your children learn that the dog depends on them. The children will need to feed them, give them water, and take them out for walks. Also, they will also need your love. Also, you will have to clean up after them, bathe them, among other things. If you get your child in on the process from the time they’re small, they’ll be responsible.
  • Unconditional love. There are different times that we have thought of ourselves as better. Some might reject others because they think they’re better others. Your child will love your pet despite the fact that it’s furry, smells different, or acts differently. This will be a good lesson for them to learn: they should love others as they are.
  • Empathy. Dogs are naturally empathetic. They say that you learn by example. So, when your child sees the good things your pet does, they’ll want to imitate them. This will make them empathetic like your pet is with other people. It’s possible that it will be a gradual process you’re not aware of.
  • Respect. Your child will learn that this new family member can’t talk verbally. But they use their gestures and attitude. They’ll tell you what they want and need at any given time. Sometimes, your pet will need its own space. Even though your child wants to play, he or she will have to respect that. This will be a great lesson they’ll remember for the rest of their lives. And, it will make them more respectful of others.

So, having a dog can be very beneficial,  especially if you have a child at home. If you already have a dog, get your child to play with them as much as possible. If you don’t have one, what are you waiting for? You won’t regret it.

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