Dogs Love You More When They Understand You

Dogs Love You More When They Understand You

Last update: 18 May, 2018

Even between humans, understanding one another is difficult sometimes, and that’s even with the gifts of speech and expression that we have.

Taking that into consideration, it’s easy to see how much more difficult it is for our dog to understand us — or vice versa! Nonetheless, body language gives us the power to communicate with our pets through gestures and movements.

We all like to be near predictable people because it gives us peace of mind. It makes us comfortable knowing how others are going to act and react. It’s undeniable that we humans like to be with people who understand us and make us feel comfortable. Likewise, if you can make your dog understand you, he will love you even more.


How to Help Your Dog Understand You

Now the question is, how can you help your dog understand you better? It’s not as easy as it seems, because among humans we mostly use our voices to express ourselves: what we like, want, and don’t want.

So, in order to help your dog understand you better, you must use simple body language that your dog is able to interpret. For example:

  • The position of your body. Your body must be in a position that inspires trust. If your posture is rigid, the dog will feel uncomfortable, and possibly even scared. If you are too firm, your dog will not feel like approaching you.
  • Precise movements. It is important to be very clear with the dog. They do learn gestures that communicate certain things quite easily. But always use the same gestures for the same situations. They also must be accurate and precise.
  • Do not confuse your dog. It can be easy for you to make a gesture by lifting your hand, and then in a similar situation shake your hand instead. You may still expect your dog to react in the same manner as before.  However, this makes no sense. You have to use the same gestures and movements to avoid confusing your dog. Don’t make him feel defenseless and clumsy.

Play with your dog, pet him, say nice things to him; pamper your dog all the time. Dogs don’t understand bad days or sad days. Dogs just want you to love them. That’s all.

Now, as we mentioned, dogs don’t speak our language to tell us they love us. They at least can’t use their words. So the next question is, how do you know if a dog loves you?

If Your Dog Understands You, He Loves You and Shows It

There are everyday things that your dog does to show you his love, like greeting you when you get home. However, there are other, less common actions that say “I love you” too.

Your dog wants to be with you

It might be annoying when your dog follows you into the bathroom, or climbs on top of you every time you get on the couch, but remember: it’s one of your dog’s ways of telling you he loves you.


Your dog gives you kisses

Yes, we also know that it can be a annoying when dogs lick your face, ears, neck and any other exposed part of your body that’s within reach. Sometimes your dog may focus on your feet — even if they smell bad from having been in shoes all day.

These may be things you don’t understand, but remember: they’re just other ways your dog is saying, “I love you.”

Your dog cuddles with you

Sometimes your dog might not even leave room for you on the bed or the couch, but you do love to be with him and you know that he loves being by your side too. This is another beautiful, simple way your dog is showing you his love.

Your dog’s behavior may seem smothering to you at times, but don’t stop him. These are your dog’s ways of telling you that he loves you because he understands you. If you help your dog understand you, his love for you will only continue to grow.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.