How to clean up dog hair around the house

How to clean up dog hair around the house

Last update: 24 April, 2018

Everyone who owns a dog has one thing in common: they love him like a member of the family but they hate how much hair he sheds. And even for those of us who have decided on a dog with short hair, we know that they also shed all over the place, pervading every corner of the house.

But there are things you can do to keep your house from being covered in fur and, if it’s already covered, to clean it.

How to keep your dog from shedding

Brushing your dog to prevent dog hair from shedding.


Dogs shed and it’s a normal process: as hair dies and falls out, other new hair grows. The same thing happens to us, which is why the first thing to do is to accept the situation as normal, taking into account that your dog is just another member of the family. But can the situation be better? Yes, it can be.

Cut your dog’s hair

Especially in the warmer seasons (or when they’re approaching), dogs tend to shed. If you get ahead of things and cut or shave your dog’s fur before the season arrives, your dog will shed less and in smaller amounts.

Brush your dog’s hair

Brushing your dog daily, the more often the better, will keep it healthy and also prevent excessive shedding. Brushing will capture fur that’s already dead, preventing it from getting on the furniture or any other place in the house.

Teach him early

If you teach him even as a puppy not to get up on the couch, the bed and other places where it’s very easy for his fur to cling, it will be one less thing you’ll have to do when he’s an adult.

See the vet

If you think that your dog’s shedding is excessive and doesn’t seem normal or you don’t see any godo reason for it, see the vet. Your dog might have a nutritional deficiency, stress, depression or some other problem that is leading to an alarming loss of hair.

Now then, these pieces of advice above are not going to prevent your dog from shedding, but they will reduce the quantity of shedding.

How to clean up dog hair around the house


All of us who have an animal at home need a vacuum, and if it’s also a dog that sheds, it’s even more important. The vacuum cleaner will absorb most of your pet’s fur that has fallen and is left all around, whether it’s on your armchairs, the floor, beds, or other furniture. Use the various vacuum accessories to reach every corner.


Before vacuuming, air out the house. If you choose a breezy day it’s even better. Fur may keep flying around in the air and even when you have already vacuumed it up, it may easily fall again on furniture.

Wet rag

Vacuum cleaners may not be as good as we would like, and after vacuuming we might find annoying traces of fur still there. For that, there’s nothing better than a clean, wet rag. All you need is a cloth dampened with water or a cleaner. The moisture breaks down the static produced by the fur and leaves the area completely clean.

A golden retriever at home.

Lint rollers

Those rolls that we love to use to remove lint from our clothes are great to use all over the place and especially for getting your little friend’s fur off of furniture.

Furniture covers

Putting washable, removable covers on the cushions of your sofa is a good idea because you can shake them off, brush them and finally wash them so that they’re as good as new. Nevertheless, if that option is not viable due to the type of sofa that you have, you can always opt to cover it with a sheet so that when it fills with fur it can be quickly washed.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.