Names for Large Dogs

Names for Large Dogs
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Last update: 18 November, 2023

Finding the right name for a dog might not be so easy. Some people spend hours and even days trying to come up with the right name. It’s important to make sure the name matches the animal’s traits. Powerful names are suitable for large dogs.  A dog’s size does not necessarily reflect on how tame the dog is. Large dogs can be some of the gentlest pets.

Large dog breeds

Big dogs tend to have better temperaments than small ones. This is why most families tend to choose them. The bigger breeds are perfect for living with children and other animals. They don’t usually cause their owners big problems.
large dog breeds

Also, large dogs are the most capable of doing different tasks at home. They can guard the house, help a person with disabilities, and even help taking care of the children. Large breeds are almost always chosen for those kinds of jobs.

Oversized dogs are also the easiest to train. This is because of their obedient and balanced personality. Small dogs are usually much more uncontrollable. When it comes to hunting, guiding, searching for people, farm-work, etc., people usually prefer large dogs. Their strong, resistant physique also helps.
For example, the Saint Bernard is known for being one of the largest dog breeds. Unlike their appearance, this dog is known for his gentle, kind, generous and passive personality. Likewise, the Saint Bernard gets along well with children. It’s the perfect animal to keep at home, as long as there is enough space.

What should I name a large dog?

Many people choose names according to an animal’s physique. Others make their decision based on the irony of having a strong appearance with a gentle personality. There are many names that can suit a large dog well.
  • Bernard: Many Saint Bernards have this name.
  • Wolf: This name works well with breeds that resemble wolves. The Siberian Husky is one of those breeds.
  • Duke: It’s used a lot for dogs that look elegant and sophisticated.
  • Box: Many boxer have this name.
  • Hulk: Many Saint Bernards have this name due to their large size.
  • Kronos: This one is also a very common name for large dogs.
  • Goliath: After Goliath, the giant soldier in the Bible.
  • Achilles: After the powerful semi-god of Greek mythology.
  • Hercules: Another common name for large breeds.
  • Magnum or Magnus: This name suits large, sophisticated dogs well.
  • Zeus: This name denotes strength and endurance.
  • Thor: For the god of thunder.

More name for big dogs

  • Brandy: This is a very popular name for big breeds that act a bit childish, like the Labrador. 
    large dog breeds
  • Luke: This name shows empathy and strength.
  • Chester: This name is often used for large dog breeds.
  • Merlin: After the Great Magician.
  • Nero: This name denotes strength, power and fear.
  • Ashton: Simple but attractive.
  • Frozen: After the movie came out, this name became very popular among large dogs. Olaf, the movie’s snowman, is another iconic character who has inspired people to name their pets after him.
  • Baloo: After the bear in the beloved classic “Jungle Book.” It’s used for large, lazy dogs, like the Saint Bernard.
  • Einstein: Many people find the last name of this great physics genius attractive. Also, people name their pets after different intellects, from different types of scientists, to writers and poets. Many people choose to name their pets after their favorite book characters.
  • Plato: After the great Greek philosopher.
  • Ralph: Another popular name for large dog breeds.
  • Leo: A typical name for dogs with fur similar to a lion’s.
  • Mufasa: From the animated Disney classic, “The Lion King.” Also, the names Simba, Nala, Timon, and Pumba come from this movie.
  • Aaron: This name resembles having a big personality.
Finding a good name for a big dog is not that hard. You just need to put a little creativity and thought into it. You might be able to name the animal just by looking at its face and observing its movements and features. Plus, finding a name for the pet can be a fun task for your children.

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