Ten Great Names for Your Naughty Dog

When we adopt a mischievous animal, something as simple as naming it becomes a source of much doubt and debate. For that reason, today we'd like to make it easier on you by suggesting a few names for your naughty dog.
Ten Great Names for Your Naughty Dog
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Last update: 21 December, 2022

In addition to selecting the right breed of animal that will suit your resources and lifestyle, it’s also important to choose the right name for him. There are thousands of names out there to choose from. But if your dog is full of energy, you know it may well to be a trouble maker, and the naming gets tougher. So, what kind of name is appropriate for a particularly naughty dog?

Well, you should begin by studying the peculiar characteristics of your naughty dog to give them a name that reflects such traits. This way, the name will definitely be easily associated with and attached to them.

Wait until your naughty dog adapts

One thing that works well is to let the naughty dog choose his own name. That is, try several that you like and say them to the animal and wait to see what they make of each one of them. They’ll have a different reaction with each name you say aloud.

Another important thing when it comes to naming a dog is that, as with everything, it takes time. You can’t make a fast decision in regard to a name unless it was previously decided.

Ideally, allow the dog to adjust to his new life for a few days before you worry about naming him. If the dog is truly naughty, then wait until after they’re done chewing on your pair of sandals, a table leg and that fern your grandma gave you when she visited last year.

Keep the following in mind when naming a dog

A dog running in a field.
  • Keep your naughty dog’s name as short as possible, no more than two syllables preferably. In this way it’ll be easier for you to call them aloud.
  • Even though some people prefer monosyllabic names, these may not be a good idea as the animals will confuse them with commands.
  • The sound of a word is another factor to consider when naming your dog. It must be clear and unlike other words or orders. If there are similarities with something else you say often, then the animal will be confused.
  • Naming dogs after people’s real names may not be a good idea either. It may seem funny or sweet to name your dog after Paul Newman but, in reality, there are many neighbors, friends, and people on the street named Paul who will be highly offended when they find out your dog is named just like them. Also, it could be confusing.
  • When you finally select a name and start using it, don’t change it. In addition, don’t use diminutives or nicknames. When the name ends in “i” the dogs assimilate it better.
  • Furthermore, don’t name your dog like a previous dog you’ve had. Just like people, every dog is different and behaves differently from other dogs. This is mainly because you could fall into the trap of expecting this new dog to have the same qualities as your previous pet.
  • In addition, breed and size do matter. There are names that seem utterly ridiculous in certain dogs. Just imagine calling a Doberman or a Rottweiler “Fifi”, or a pug “Thunder.”
  • Finally, check out mythological names and names from animated films. They’re quite fashionable these days.

A few examples of names suitable for naughty dogs

The sky’s the limit when it comes to naming your pet:

  • There are many words that are great for pet names such as Lucky, Sunny, Smiley, Blackie, Happy, not only in English but in other languages such as Taco, Nacho, Handkerchief, Amé, Bijou, Esmé, etc.
  • Also, there are others that speak of specific characteristics of your animal such as Pirate, Cinnamon, Sweet, Princess, Bandit, Negrito, Spot, Socks, Booties, Goldilocks, Blanche, etc.
  • In addition, there’s a current trend that leans towards historical or mythological characters, and there are many options here: César, Asterix, Idefix, Venus, Samson, Attila, etc.
  • And there’s a lot of inspiration for dog names on films and TV shows: Frodo, Bilbo, Goku, Rex, Princess, Smurfette, Scooby Doo, Sherlock, Bilma, Kristy, Ariel, Fiona, Shreck, Pluto, Pumba, Timon, Simba, Dumbo, Lassie, Bella, etc.

Famous naughty dog names

A scene from Marley and Me.
  • Beethoven is one of the naughtiest and most beloved dogs on the big screen. The one in the film is a Saint Bernard, but it probably suits any pet regardless of the size or breed.
  • Hachi or Hachiko after the protagonist of the film “Hachi: A Dog’s Tale.” A sweet movie where Richard Gere is the object of the dog’s affection and of his eternal devotion –the central subject of the story is based on a true story. This is a very nice name for sweet, naughty dogs.
  • Who can forget Lassie? The protagonist of so many different movies and subsequent television series.
  • Then there’s Rex, the police dog from a famous television series called Inspector Rex. This name is ideal for medium-sized dogs, especially of the German Shepherd breed like the one in the series.

In conclusion, pick a dog name that you wanna say aloud. One that makes you feel warm and fuzzy every time you say it. If it makes you smile every time you say it then you’ll know you’ve picked the right one.

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