The Characteristics of the Affenpinscher

The Affenpinscher is a hairy little breed that's stronger than it looks. It also has a playful character that will win you over.
The Characteristics of the Affenpinscher

Last update: 17 January, 2019

The Affenpinscher is a small and furry dog ideal for any family or small house. They’re originally from Germany and are very well-liked for their faithful yet obstinate character. Read on to discover all the fascinating characteristics of the Affenpinscher.

Origins of the Affenpinscher

According to the International Cynological Federation, this breed belongs in group 2 of the pinscher and schnauzer dogs. The Affenpinscher was bred during the nineteenth century from the German pinscher and became the perfect pet for homes in Southern Germany. 

In France, he goes by the name of the ‘little moustached imp’ because of his restless character and characteristic moustache. His name actually comes from the German word ‘affen’ which means monkey, and ‘pinscher’ which means terrier. 

An affenpinscher dog in a field.

Characteristics of the Affenpinscher

This small and compact breed, that somewhat resembles a primate, has a short, strong neck. Both males and females can reach a height of between 25 and 30 centimeters and weigh between 4 and 6 kilos. Their life expectancy is between 12 and 14 years.

This breed is a small variety of the typical terrier that was used to work in the fields because of its short but muscular body. 

The main characteristic of the affenpinscher is its thick layer of fur that covers him from head to toe. This is what gives him that funny, almost monkey-like, look. The coat around his eyebrows is thick and envelops his eyes as if it were a crown. It’s usually black and his hair feels rather like wool. When this breed first came about, its moustache was the perfect ally to combat the harsh weather in Germany.

An Affenpinscher puppy in a field.

Personality and care

The Affenpinscher isn’t a typical small dog breed. He gets along well with other animals, has a great personality and is always willing to play with his owners. Because of that, he’s the perfect dog for a family. Like any self-respecting terrier, though, he’s also stubborn and always full of energy.

This breed loves to play, either outside or in the home. Also, taking him for short walks is a great way to help him burn off some energy. You’ll need to brush him fairly regularly: we recommend brushing him two or three times a week.

When it comes to their health, the Affenpinschers tend to suffer from ulcers and dislocated joints as they get older. Also, they can have respiratory difficulties and coronary problems. We recommend taking him for regular check-ups so you can avoid any unpleasant surprises.

So, now you know all about the characteristics of the Affenpinscher, why not look into adopting one for yourself?

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