How to Care for Your Pet When You're Away

When you work long hours in an office or in a store and your pet is left alone, there are plenty of ways of keeping them from getting bored, trashing furniture or going hungry
How to Care for Your Pet When You're Away

Last update: 07 March, 2018

Here are a few tips for taking care of your pet when you are away from home

Take Care of Your Pet No Matter Where You Are

It breaks our hearts when we have to leave our pets alone. But, we must go to work or to school, even if that means that our best friend will spend hours alone every day. We would love to take them to work, but not many companies allow it (for the time being).

Some dogs spend the whole day sleeping peacefully when no one is home. Yet, others get bored easily and begin to tear up everything in their path. This could be furniture, random objects, their own bed, their toys, etc.

dog home alone

On the other hand, some pets will bark, howl and whine in their owner’s absence. In this case, fear and anxiety cause them too much suffering. Wondering how you will figure out if your dog is doing this? Well, the neighbors will let you know right away!

Here Are Our Best Tips for Caring for Your Pet While You’re Away

Obviously, you can not quit your job to stay home with your pet (although you could get a job from home). Therefore, to take care of your pet without having to be by their side, pay close attention to these tips:

1. Don’t Cause Your Pet to Become Dependent

Your pet has to learn how to have fun on its own, and that means having several new toys. If you can, buy a different form entertainment every month to keep he or she from getting bored. In any case, it must be something that does not require your interaction.

Dog playing with Pawbo

2. Avoid Being Overprotective

When you get home, of course you can and should spend time together. But later, it would be good if you had time without your dog. It is not necessary for he or she to follow you to the bathroom, or onto the bed or the couch. Your pet needs to learn that you will not always be available, even when you are in the next room.

3. Leave Your Pet in a Peaceful Environment

When you leave in the mornings, we recommend that you keep the house as orderly as possible. Clearly your pet will not notice if you have not made the bed, but it will be able to perceive the energy that surrounds them. You could even have a fountain with a waterfall (the Zen style ones that are so trendy) to help calm your pet down. Another option is to leave the radio or television on so it does not feel so alone.

4. Take an Early Walk Together

Take care of your dog by taking him for a walk in the mornings so he has a chance to exercise. That way he or she will tire and can better channel their energy. In the following hours your pet will not be as active as usual or have the desire make mischief.  And when you return from your walk, be sure to put food down so that he or she has a chance to eat and digest their food calmly.

5. Do not Dramatize the Situation

Avoid making a show out of petting your dog, or giving them hugs and sad looks when you leave the house. Let him or her stay in their bed or wherever they want to be, and do not say goodbye as if you were never going to see each other again. Act normally, grab your things, open and close the door slowly and leave it at that. It might take your pet an hour just to realize that you are gone.

In addition to implementing the aforementioned tips, we recommend that you take advantage of new technologies to entertain your pet when you are not around to help. Thanks to the Pawbo+ device,  your dog’s or cat’s days will be much more fun.

It is an excellent alternative, since it allows you to monitor your pet from your mobile phone through a camera that sends you the images (using your own application). And not only that, it also has a microphone and a speaker so you can communicate without having to be present.

Among its main advantages, we can highlight that it has a storage tray for treats that can be programmed or opened anytime you want. Reward your pet’s good behavior!

Cat playing with Pawbo Catch

At the same time, it offers integrated games with lights to interact with your dog while you are at the office and he or she is at home. In case you want to treasure those beautiful moments, the app saves images and videos that can also be shared on social media

In the case of having a cat, you can buy the Acer Pawbo Catch. Its mobile stick can be controlled from any smartphone remotely, and your pet’s long, boring days can be over. So, start taking care of your pet at all times!

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.