All Your Dog Wants to Do is Give You Their Heart

All Your Dog Wants to Do is Give You Their Heart

Last update: 22 May, 2018

From the very moment your dog comes into your life, their only goal is to give you their heart. From that moment on, you can be sure that they are living to love you.

Your dog wants to make you happy and make you laugh; they want to comfort you when you need it. You have become the most important thing in your dog’s life.

Your dog knows when you’re sad and what to do to cheer you up. They know when you’re happy and when to come up to you. Your dog has learned all of these things over time, just by watching. Your dog is observing you and learning about you and you don’t even realize it.

Your Dog Wants to Give You Their Heart 

Your dog spends all day thinking about you and scheming how to make you a little bit happier and your life a little big brighter.

Your Dog Waits For You

If you’ve seen the movie The Secret Life of Pets, you know that one of the main characters spends the whole day at the door waiting for his best friend: his owner.
Your dog does the same thing, because whenever you go out and leave them alone, their world falls apart.  The hours seem like forever and all your dog wants is to see that door open and you come through it.

There are a thousand things your dog could do to have more fun, like getting in the trash or destroying their toys — or better yet, your shoes. But your dog knows that wouldn’t make you happy, and so they would rather spend the day waiting for you to come home. It’s a way your dog shows you that they love you.


Your Dog Brings You What You Need

If your dog has been taught to obey basic commands, they probably know how to bring you your shoes or the newspaper. You probably don’t even have to ask for it; they just know what you need.

Your dog has spent their whole life observing you, learning about you and thinking about what they can bring you in order to make you happy.


Your Dog Doesn’t Tug on the Leash

Your dog knows how many sacrifices you make and how tired you are when you get home from work. Your dog also knows that you share your earnings with them, because you’re the one who supplies them with everything they need.

Because of that, and because your dog knows that taking them out for a walk requires extra effort, they do what they can to make it more enjoyable. Your dog walks by your side, even though they’d love to run like a madman, even with the leash.


Your Dog Tries to Not Disturb You

There are a thousand things that your dog loves to do, but they know that some of them wouldn’t make your life any easier. For example, your dog would love to mark his territory throughout the house, pee on the garbage and not have to wait for you to take them out to do their business. Your dog would love to howl and bark all day, or even sleep in your bed.

But your dog never will, because they know that would just bring you more problems. Your dog just wants you to be happy; they want to give you their heart. And they want you to give them yours. 

Be Thankful that Your Dog Wants to Give You Their Heart

You’ll never regret giving your dog your heart. How can you do that? Just make sure your dog feels loved, wanted, respected and at home. Isn’t that what your dog does for you? They say that the best gifts are the ones that can not be bought… So, what price would you put on your dog’s heart?

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