5 Things That Make Cats Happy

5 Things That Make Cats Happy

Last update: 11 July, 2018

When you decide that an animal is going to become a part of your family, you undoubtedly want the best for it. And responsible owners are aware of the needs and the specific care required by each pet. This is why we will give you some tips on the things that make cats happy.


How to Make a Cat Happy

When your purring friend arrives at its new home, it will be cautious at first. Soon enough, though, it will take over the different spaces in the house and, many times, will make us wonder who really is the owner.

However, these adorable creatures will soon conquer your heart. And for this reason, you will find yourself embarking on the exciting task to find lots of ways to help your pet feel comfortable and happy. So, feel free to take notes on our list of some of the things that make cats happy.


1. Adapt Your Home to Your Cat’s Needs

Among other things, for a cat to be happy, you must make sure that you have: 

  • Scratchers to keep your cat’s nails in shape (and keep them from destroying the furniture.)
  • Different spaces for your cat to sleep comfortably, and feel safe.
  • Places for your cat to hide. (Almost nothing makes a cat happier than a box.)
  • Surfaces for your cat to climb and contemplate the world from different heights.
  • Toys that your cat can play hunt with.
  • A litter box placed in a quiet location.

Do you know how to make a cat happy? We will share some tips on things to make your cat more than happy. They will ensure that you and the rest of the family also have a happy time too.


2. Allow Your Cat Access to the Outdoors

Even though domestic and fixed (meaning, spayed or neutered) cats can live peacefully inside a house, the truth is that these animals enjoy lots of outdoor exploration. So, where possible, your cat should not be deprived from accessing a garden, a terrace or a balcony. If this is not feasible, a window with a view to the outside is a good alternative. Of course, you must take the necessary precautions—such as fencing and barbed wire—so that the animal does not escape and run the risk of getting lost or injured.


3. Playing and Cuddling

These beautiful felines love to play and be caressed. But it is the cat who determines the right time for these activities. They also make it very clear when these activities should end. In addition, cats will only accept you petting certain parts of their little bodies, which can vary from animal to animal. That being said, with some observation and patience, and a lot of trial and error, you can learn how to make your cat happy when the time for playing and cuddling arrives.


4. Another Feline Companion

Even though in some circumstances you might face issues with jealousy or adaptation, especially if the felines are adults, ideally you should have more than one cat in the house. Cats will not only accompany each other and groom one another, but they will also have lots of fun. And besides that, they will entertain their humans! Contemplating the spectacle of a pair of fluff-balls playing together, is frankly incredible for any soul who enjoys the beautiful things in life.


5. Adequate Nutrition and Delicacies

A balanced diet, according to your veterinarian’s instructions and based on the cat’s characteristics, will help your cat to stay in good health. And as you probably know, a healthy cat is a happy cat. However, if you really want to make your cat happy, reward it with a meal that it particularly enjoys. Using appropriate amounts of food, and without putting your cat’s diet at risk, do not forget to pamper your pet with a few delicacies from time to time. If you have any doubts about your cat’s food choices or diet, please consult a trusted professional.


Other Tips for Taking Care of Your Cat

Beyond all of these details, which are sure to make your cat happy and improve its quality of life, do not forget the other responsibilities that also contribute to your cat’s well-being:

  • Regular visits to a trusted veterinarian
  • Keeping your cat’s vaccines and vaccine record up-to-date
  • Internal and external deworming

So, take good care of your cat and give it as much as love as you can. You will soon realize how, besides having a happy pet, you will also be a happier person.


This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.