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7 Tricks to Eliminate Litter Box Odors

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If you have a lovely cat living in your house you will have noticed that, even if he is castrated, the smell of his urine is quite strong.
7 Tricks to Eliminate Litter Box Odors
Last update: 12 April, 2018

If you are lucky enough that your cat goes to the bathroom in a litter box, the smell is obviously concentrated there, even if you clean it daily. But, although it seems difficult, there are some tricks to make it so that the kitty litter does not smell so bad. We will tell you how.

Some tips to keep kitty litter from smelling bad

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Cat urine and poop continue to generate more and more stench as time passes and you do not remove them. So, the more you reduce the space of time between removing this waste, your nose will thank you. However, there are other ways to reduce these bad smells. Pay attention.

1-Change the litter with the appropriate frequency

While there are different types of litter, all should be changed, sooner or later. So read the directions well for the product you buy and change it according to the instructions indicated or when your nose tells you that the litter box cannot hold any more. Even though they claim on the packaging that it lasts longer than what you are seeing, this is not always the case.

2-Wash the litter box often

Every time you change the litter, take the opportunity to wash the litter box. Do not use chemical products. Do it with warm water and soap. Also clean and deodorize the floor.

If your cat stays in the house and does his duty in a litter box, it is important that you know some tricks to keep the litter from smelling bad.

3-Replace the litter box at least once a year

As you may have noticed, your cat covers his pee and poop with the litter. He uses his front paws for this. In this way, the tray is scratched by his claws. You can also contribute to creating small cracks with the little implement you use to remove the debris. Over time, these small cracks will contribute to the accumulation of odors that are difficult to remove.

4- Use some type of deodorizing substance added to the litter

One of the ways to make sure the kitty litter does not smell is to add a specific product that acts as a deodorant. In pet shops, you will find different options. But you can also make it at home or use baking soda. And you can even get litter that is already perfumed. In any case, consult the veterinarian to ensure that these substances will not harm your cat.

5-Place the tray in a well-ventilated place

In this way, you will prevent the odors from becoming concentrated and even your cat would prefer another place with air that is less foul to relieve itself.

6-Give your cat food that reduces odors in his excrement

Everything is possible in the pet products market. And if it does not exist it is invented. So you can also get balanced food that allows your cat’s poop to be less smelly. Before paying extra money, consult your veterinarian once more to find out if that food is the most advisable for your kitten.

7-Do not stick with a single option

Try different types of litter – quite often new brands and versions appear – until you find the one that best suits both your cat and your financial limitations.

For good smelling litter and a happy kitten

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As you can see, the issue of preventing kitty litter from smelling is not easy. But, it is not impossible either. Also, you know that the market never sleeps and is always thinking about new things for you to buy. So, be careful about whether your purchases are effective or not.

For example, there are also covered sandboxes. While they may be a solution because the odors do not spread outside of the box as much, they concentrate them inside. That’s why they should be sanitized more often, because you run the risk of the cat refusing to use it.

Cats can also be resistant to scented litter or those that add deodorants. And even some air freshener that you put near the sanitary tray. Remember that an aroma that is nice for you, does not have to be so for your feline friend.

With patience and observation, do not doubt that you will find the best option to have a cat that is happy with his litter box and an environment free of bad smells.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.