7 Ways to Show Your Cat Love

We'll tell you 7 ways to show your cat love.
7 Ways to Show Your Cat Love

Last update: 12 May, 2020

Cats are mysterious creatures, which is why many people say they don’t understand them. However, those of us who love cats know this isn’t the case! There are many ways to understand what your cat is feeling and show them your feelings. We’ll give you some tips to show your cat love in this article.

Despite being more independent than dogs, cats are also affectionate animals that need to feel loved. Showing your cat how much you love them is essential for proper development. Find out how!

7 ways to show your cat love

Showing your cat you love them can help contribute to a good relationship and make sure your cat feels like part of the family. Who doesn’t like to feel loved?


A cat playing.

Spending time playing with your pet is one of the best ways to show your cat love. Even though they are fiercely independent, your cat will sometimes demand your attention if they feel like they’re not getting enough.

There is no greater gift you can give to someone than your time.


Don’t wait for your cat to start a game. Take the initiative and take the time to play with them. Your cat probably spends long hours playing alone while you’re working. A little bit of your attention is important.

To show your cat love, give them some space

Your cat will always come looking for you when they want to be near you. They’re affectionate creatures, but also like to have their own space. Although it’s great to play with your cat, they need time to relax, lay in the sun and do nothing, or just sit and watch birds out the window.

To check if your cat is relaxing or feeling playful, you just have to put your hand in front of them. If they dive towards your hand, then they want to play. If not, then they’re resting and you should respect their space.

Be careful with his diet

Unlike dogs, cats eat their food in 10 to 12 very small doses throughout the day. Therefore, it’s important that your cat always has food and water at their disposal. And, of course, they need high-quality food that’s easy for them to digest.

Occasionally, you can give your cat a treat of something they like or some canned food.

Create routines

Cats are animals that love routine. They need a stable home with a stable family and stable schedules.

Cats need to be in a calm environment and know that they’re part of the family. Any change to the normal routine, like a move or something similar, can greatly affect them.

Create a safe environment to show your cat love

Cats are easily frightened and jump at any noise they hear. As a result, you need to have a safe space for them where they feel protected. They need to be able to relax without fear of something happening to them.

One way to show your cat love is to create a safe space.

One way to do this is to put their litter box in a place away from everything else and out of view.

Positive reinforcement

Your cat may have a harder time obeying orders than a dog. Instead of focusing on what they do wrong when they don’t listen, reward them when they do listen.

It’s best if you start training your cat to listen to you when they’re young.


Without a doubt, this is the best way to show your cat love. Pet them as much as they want!

When they look for you, meows to get your attention, or lays down in front of you, then give them a pet. Spending a little time will definitely help you have a positive relationship with your cat.

These are the best 7 ways to show your cat love. Can you think of any others?

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