Avidog, A New Network That Helps Dogs and the Elderly

We'll tell you about this potential new social network that helps dogs and the elderly. It could help you find company for yourself or your dog!
Avidog, A New Network That Helps Dogs and the Elderly

Last update: 17 June, 2019

“Dad, can you watch the kids while I’m at work?” This is a phrase that millions of grandparents around the world listen to almost daily. It’s common for grandparents to take care of their grandchildren when the parents are at work or even having a night out. Now, this has even extended to pet care. That’s why Avidog was created – a new network that helps dogs and the elderly.

More and more couples are choosing not to have children, but to have a dog instead. However, there are problems when it comes to working long hours or business travel. What do you do with your pet? Thinking about this problem, a group of entrepreneurs had a great idea. They were working under Hans Durbahn, a 27-year-old from Chile.

Avidog is born, an idea that helps dogs and the elderly

Avidog is a network that helps dogs and the elderly.
Source: Facebook of Avidog International LLC

This great idea was created to help everyone involved. How?

Firstly, they thought about the animals. An animal that is used to having company can have problems adapting when his owner starts working. If he works long hours, then the dog may start to feel lonely. It could even cause the dog to develop high stress levels or behavioral problems.

Dog owners spend their days worrying about their pet. If you own a dog, you know that you spend time worrying whether they’re okay or if they’re spending too much time alone. You may have even considered giving your dog up for adoption or to someone who can spend more time with him.

Similarly, elderly people spend more and more time alone as well. They spend more time feeling like they’re not useful or rejected by their families. Elderly people who haven’t had kids or have lost their significant others can feel very alone.

So, why do we say that Avidog can help dogs and the elderly alike? Avidog is a social network where older people, who are willing to care for an animal for a few hours a day, can set up a profile. At the same time, there are also dog owners who are looking for someone to help take care of their pet.

Older people can volunteer to look after a pet in exchange for enjoying the animal’s company. That way, the dog isn’t left alone and the owner can go to work worry-free. The elderly people have some company as well and they feel useful. It’s a win-win situation!

In the profiles, you can state your availability to care for a pet, or, if you’re an owner, when you need your pet looked after.

How do you get Avidog?

A dog in a rose garden.
Source: Facebook of Avidog International LLC

Although we would love to tell you that you can already download this, the truth is that Avidog is still just an idea. The software hasn’t been created yet. They are still looking for sponsors to invest in the project. We’re sure they’ll get them soon, though, as it’s such a great idea!

While we’re waiting for this app or social network to come out, we still don’t know what form it’ll take. However, there are things you can do to help without it! There are some nursing homes where you can bring your dog to keep the elderly company.

Consider finding a nursing home near you so you can go give a bit of joy to those who need it. You could even ask if you could come to an agreement for a few hours of pet care a day if you need it.

Everyone can do their bit to make the world a better place. It just takes a bit of imagination and initiative. Maybe you can’t create a network that helps dogs and the elderly like Avidog, but you can play your part.

We’re looking forward to seeing this site available for everyone who needs it!

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