How Do Dog Washing Machines Work?

Have you heard of dog washing machines? Should you take your dog to one of these or to a dog groomers? Are there other options for washing your pet? Find out the answers in this article!
How Do Dog Washing Machines Work?

Last update: 27 April, 2019

If you hear the word “washing machine”, you’ll probably think of either a top load or front load washing machine where you wash your clothes, and with a spin cycle. Don’t worry! These are very different from the machines you can use to wash your pet. If you’re not sure how they work, in this article you’ll learn all about dog washing machines.

These pet washing machines are a growing trend in many countries. However, not all dogs are suitable and there are certain things you should take into account before putting your dog into one. Here you can find out all about them.

How dog washing machines work

To define what these machines are, in a simple and easy-to-understand way, you could say that dog washing machines are like a washing machine that doesn’t spin.

They consist of an entrance, with a door that hermetically seals. That’s where the dog goes in. They can have several different functions: hydro-massage, rinsing, draining the water, and drying.

It’s possible that some animals may become nervous when they enter the machine and start to cry or howl. Don’t worry; there’s an emergency stop button for that. You can stop the cycle at any time.

The best thing to do before giving your dog a bath in one of these machines is to first take it for a good walk. In that way, it’ll be free of stress and feel a little tired. It’ll benefit from the wash more, and it’ll be a relaxing experience instead of a stressful one.

Obviously, if an animal is especially muddy, it’ll need a good rinse off first, or even a trip to the groomers instead of a bath in a dog washing machine.

Dogs that aren’t suitable for a bath in one of these dog washing machines are:

  • Sick dogs
  • Those taking medications
  • Dogs that have eaten in the last 2 hours
  • Puppies that aren’t vaccinated
  • Pregnant dogs
  • Very old animals
  • Dogs with a fear of enclosed spaces
  • Dogs that have separation anxiety or stress

Here’s a video for you to see what these machines are and how they work:

Differences between dog washing machines and pet groomers

Obviously there are many differences that exist between these two. Here are some of the most important ones:

  • Price. A trip to the dog groomers will probably cost at least 20 dollars, while a wash in a pet washing machine will be around 4-5 dollars.
  • Human contact. In a dog groomers, the animal will always be in contact with a human who will be talking and singing to it while they bathe it, something that will enormously relax the animal.
  • Products. At the groomers, you’ll be able to choose appropriate products according to your pet’s hair and skin. However, in dog washing machines they use standard products for all dogs.

Having said that, a dog washing machine is cheap, quick, and convenient. Which should you choose? This will depend on what you and your dog want.

Other options

For those who don’t like to take their pet to a groomer, nor do they like the idea of ‘enclosing’ their pet in a machine, there is another option. You can always choose to wash your dog at home.

However, it’s highly likely that the bathroom or laundry room where you wash your dog will get covered in splashes. Your dog will also probably want to run around when you’ve finished, dashing all over the house and rolling around on the couch or on other items of furniture.

To avoid this scenario, another option you have is at gas stations. Many now include a kind of tub where you can put your dog. It comes with a hose, and you can give your dog a bath more comfortably and with less mess there.

The disadvantages? You’ll have to take your own products such as dog shampoo. Neither is there a drying system. Although it’s a good option, you can’t always have everything!

Each person can choose how to wash their dog according to their own circumstances, the health of their dog, and their budget.

Source of principal photo: Lavakan Columbia Facebook page

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