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Can My Pet Drink Any Type of Water?

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Can My Pet Drink Any Type of Water?
Last update: 21 December, 2022

Keeping the water in a cool place and keeping it clean is even more important than the type of water an animal drinks.

Your pet’s hydration is just as important as yours. Therefore, it’s important to control your pet’s liquid consumption to prevent them from getting problems like a heat stroke or constipation. The amount of water an animal needs depends on their weight and the food they eat.

A lot of owners often wonder about what type of water is suitable for dogs to stay hydrated. They may be asking themselves if their pet can drink any type of water, whether it being from the tap or filtered?

Drinking any type of water: yes or no?

There are many opinions about this topic of pets being able to drink any type of water. Some people claim that pets must drink the same water that their owners drink — bottled or filtered — because tap water has a high content of minerals, chlorine, and bacteria, which can cause harm.

However, there’s also a different opinion on this subject. Dogs’ stomachs have turned out to be much more resistant than a human’s. Therefore, they can eat grass, lick their paws, and smell each other.

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The reality is that dogs also tend to leave water in their dish and only drink it when they’re thirsty. This allows some chemicals to evaporate out of the water, and the minerals settle to the bottom. So, it’s really unnecessary for the water to be filtered.

The most important thing about giving your pet water

Putting water in a clean dish is much more important than the type of water you give your pet. It’s important for the water to be in a sanitized container that doesn’t have any trace of food crumbs, which are several days old.  

When the weather gets hot, it’s very important for the water to be fresh in addition to being clean. Also, you must put the animal’s water dish in a cool place inside the house. You can also add some ice to it during the hottest hours of the day.

Hydration is key

Hydration is really important for a pet’s body to function properly. To do this, there is a wide variety of water dispensers for dogs on the market. They can guarantee that your pet stays hydrated, and they do it under the best conditions.

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Water tank: Old Tjikko

This type of water dispenser is one of the most classic dispensers out in the market. It’s the most similar to a water dispenser for humans. It’s a very ingenious device that’s designed to give the pet a constant stream of water that assures your pet won’t get dehydrated. It works by using gravity, and has a tank that’s very easy to put on and remove.

Water Fountain for dogs: PetSafe

PetSafe has one of the most modern and absolutely functional water dispensers. It has a gravity-based system, that provides a constant flow of water. It also has a sealed container that prevents bacteria from growing.

This device can be purchased in several sizes and has a very simple system for cleaning and refilling. With an ergonomic design that goes with the decor of any home, the PetSafe water station is an excellent choice for ensuring your pet stays hydrated.

Yitour hanging water bottle

Yitour offers another water dispenser for dogs with a practical design. It’s environmentally friendly and, like their previous products, guarantees a constant flow of water. It has a very simple design that can adjust to cages or fences.

The Yitour water dispenser consists of a plastic bottle that’s resistant, lightweight, easy to refill, and easily to maintain. It has a system that works by using the force of gravity, and it’s one of the most practical water dispensers for dogs.

Petmate: one of the best water dispensers for dogs

Petmate has one of the most popular dispensers on the market. Manufactured in the United States, it has an internal water filtering system, which guarantees greater the water to be properly purified. It has a chemical-free plastic container and a deep bowl that’s very practical for your pet.

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