Exercises You Can Do With Your Cat

Exercise keeps cats healthy and happy. It develops their muscles, which in turn protects their joints, and also releases stess and energy.
Exercises You Can Do With Your Cat

Last update: 31 July, 2018

For cat lovers, having a cat is a unique and wonderful experience. However, enjoying a feline’s company also has certain commitments, such as keeping him healthy. Although cats are emotionally independent and for example, do not need frequent baths, they do need to exercise.

The amount of energy that a cat needs to release will depend on its age and temperament. If a feline is lazy, it probably will not tolerate hours of intense physical activity. So, what exercises can you do with your cat?

Your cat needs to exercise

Cats are playful and curious by nature, and they love to explore and have fun, although they are more difficult to entertain than dogs. For this reason and, if you want him to exercise on a regular basis, you will need to know how to keep a cat’s interest.

Balls and spheres

Ping-pong and golf balls, or wool or yarn balls are very entertaining toys for cats. Unlike dogs, cats do not fetch balls, but rather toss them back and forth between their legs. When playing with yarn balls, you have to supervise them, since there is a risk that they could eat the yarn and suffocate.

exercises you can do with your cat

Cardboard boxes

This is a favorite toy for many cats, because it gives them the option of jumping in it, hiding in it, or shaking it. To get the most out of a cardboard box, you can cut holes in the cardboard so that the cat can see through the box or put his legs through them.  You can also put toys in these holes and pull them back and forth repeatedly.
Also, if you have several cats, you could create a structure with several different boxes. Just make sure that they are made from sturdy cardboard, so that the fun will last longer.
When you consider what exercises you can do with your cat, you will see that playing with a cardboard box is the most practical and fun way, because the cat can move around constantly. 


Take a rope, and tie a feather or another small object to one end. Then, simply shake this simple toy. It will definitely attract the cat’s attention. Cats tend to behave like hunters, and the object on the rope serves as its prey.

This is a simple alternative as an exercise that you can do with your cat. It does not require much effort on the part of the owner, and it also guarantees a great deal of entertainment and fun for everyone involved.

Recycled material

Paper balls and corks can function as toys. The material that they are made of is harmless to cats and, they are low-budget cat toys.


Another way to entertain a cat is to lower the intensity of the light in a room, and then shine a flashlight, moving it back and forth. The cat will chase the beam of light for a long time.


Playing hide-and-seek will always be an excellent exercise option. Cats love to chase their owners through running and playing. They even tend to initiate games themselves! When they hide and look for their owners insistently, it means that they probably want to play hide-and-seek.

The backyard

Lucky cat owners who have an outdoor space have a ready-made amusement park for felines. Cats will be entertained by plant textures or from trying to hunt birds.

Going for walks

Believe it or not, there are cat-specific leashes. These are great for taking walks, but keep in mind that dogs and cats behave completely differently. Cats are probably not willing to walk nicely next to their owners, because they need a little more excitement; they need to explore and jump.
exercises you can do with your cat
Note that during a walk you have to ensure that there are no dogs nearby, because it could become a traumatic experience for both the owner and the animal.

Exercises you can do with your cat and how to do them

Although all felines are different, there are some general recommendations for exercises that cat owners can follow:

  • There is no better toy than the cat’s favorite one. This is a surefire way to attract their attention.
  • A good amount of time for an exercise routine is 10 minutes, two times per day.
  • One way to train a cat to enjoy exercise, is to repeat her name during an action that she is performing. This will hold her attention.
  • The cat should feel as if she is playing. This is the best stimulus for a cat.