5 Tips For Decorating A Dog House

When decorating a dog house, make sure that the materials you use aren't toxic and they provide protection for your dog in the harsh weather. It's not overdoing things to think about the space, location of the food dish, beds and blankets to keep your dogs warm or coon during every season. 
5 Tips For Decorating A Dog House

Last update: 23 November, 2018

Your dog doesn’t care what their houses look like, as long as they are comfortable and safe. If you have a dog, you should give them a cozy home. There are creative ways to decorate your dog’s house. These 5 tips on decorating a dog house will certainly make your front and backyard look amazing.

The important thing is to choose the right materials to fit your canine friend’s needs. As a new trend, many people are decorating or remodeling their living spaces to share them with their pets.

There are many types of dog houses on the market. The models, styles, prices are endless. Some people choose to build a dog house as a family DIY project. Whatever you decide to do, consider the following ideas to decorate your dog’s house with these 5 tips.

Choose the right materials for decorating a dog house

Consider the weather when it comes to choosing the materials you will use for your dog’s house. You must make sure that the materials you choose will provide insolation against humidity and high temperatures. 

  • Plastic: This material, although it’s very durable and easy to clean, gathers a lot of heat. If you use it for your dog house, make sure you put it in the shade in a well-ventilated area.
  • Concrete blocks: This is an excellent material. It’s a good insulator, which means that the temperature inside the house will remain the same, even if it’s very hot outside.
  • Wood: It’s very durable, and is often used to build dog houses. However, you have to treat the wood so it can withstand the weather outdoors.
Wood dog house

The house should be pleasant, and in a great location

The place where you put your dog’s house is very important. You have to consider several factors. First, your dog’s breed, because not all dogs are fit for sleeping outdoors. Second, the weather because you must protect them from the rain and cold.

  • It’s important to determine what space is available to make sure that your dog will be comfortable sleeping, playing, and eating in that place.
  • The house should be protected from strong winds or excessive exposure to the sun.
  • It must be the right size, so that your dog can come and go easily. The roof should be twice the height of your pet, and it should be wide enough for them to lie down with space to spare.

A clean house is essential for your dog’s comfort and health

It’s very important to give your dog their own space, which must be nice and cozy. In other words, a place that meets their needs.

Also, a clean house is essential for their health and comfort. Therefore, you must use non-toxic detergent to disinfect their bed or blankets. There are special shops where you can find a wide variety of beds and blankets to keep your dog warm in winter, or cooling blankets for the summer.

Paint it with bright, attractive colors

The paint should be durable, washable and non-toxic. You can decorate your dog’s house with unique and daring designs: squares, stripes, and even letters.  You can also use phrases pertaining to your dog’s life, stickers, and practically with anything you can get at stores.

Decorating a dog house with flowers

Using or planting flowers are always good choices. If the location you choose is very exposed to the sun, you can add a large umbrella or an awning with pretty colors.

The food and water dishes can be in the same place

Make sure that your pet’s food and water dishes are always close by and accessible. At the same it’s important to keep your dog’s toy organized–you can use storage drawers. 

If you don’t have enough space for a dog house in your yard, you can give them a place inside your house. This your canine friend will have a place that’s just for him. It’s better if it’s ventilated or near a window.

When decorating a dog house or your dog’s space, you can make it match the style and design of your home by using your favorite colors. All you need are a few drawers for you best friend’s toys, and a beautiful blanket.