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How to Keep Your Dog's Molting Season From Being a Nightmare

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How to Keep Your Dog's Molting Season From Being a Nightmare
Last update: 21 April, 2018

During molting season, dogs lose an excessive amount of hair. Therefore you have to brush them daily. Also, following other bathing guidelines is important to effectively remove dead hair.

When a dog molts, you should not get frustrated thinking about how you´ll get over it. First of all, stay calm and try looking at the bright side. That way it won´t be such a burden on you and on your pet.

Why dogs shed their fur

A dog’s body goes through stages, just like ours. The fur is composed of a base – – which is known as hair follicles – – of cells. These cells keep the animal’s fur alive, and you can determine the sate of these cells due to the hair´s shininess and silkiness.

These cells like others in our bodies, die after a while and regenerate, giving rise to new ones. This is when a dog’ starts shedding.

Although it’s temporary, molting season can become a nightmare for you while the house gets filled with fur; even in the most unexpected places! Below, you can find ways to make it easy on you.

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Surviving molting season

Here are some simple and practical tips to make it easy on your pet.

Brush your pet every day

Brushing your dog’s fur daily is one of the best ways to get rid of dead hair and to keep it from spreading throughout your house. There are certain types of brushes to use during molting season. Just ask about them at a pet shop. It is true that brushing your pet daily requires effort, but the results are positive.

Buy a powerful vacuum

Maybe you’ve never had a vacuum cleaner or you already have a small one. It is not enough when having a dog at home. You’ll need a vacuum cleaner with enough power to be able to collect all the fur your pet shedsIt’s a good investment because it will save you a lot of work and help keep your house clean.

Use a rubber brush

Rubber brushes are an amazing alternative if you can’t use the vacuum cleaner every day.  These brushes are better than conventional ones because the rubber collects hair with static electricity.

Bathe your pet

Bathing is a great way to remove your pet’s dead hair. Be sure to remove all the loose hair while you bathe and dry your pet. This will make your pet shed less throughout the house and keep it clean.

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Get rid of rugs

If you have any rugs in the living room, bedroom or even as a doormat. Be sure to remove them during molting season. It doesn’t even matter if the dogs don´t have any access to them. Dog hair is so small, it can get in the most unsuspected places.

Set limits

Don´t let your dog get on the couch, bed or any other place in the house while it’s shedding. If you do the house will get covered with a layer of fur and you won´t be able to sit anywhere.

Remember there is no need to scold your dog when you set those limits because his molting is natural and he cannot control it.

Try to see the humor in it, and there will be better atmosphere for you and your pet. Don´t worry, it will be all over in a few days.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.