Leave Your Dog Home with the Relax My Dog Channel on

The Relax My Dog music channel on Youtube already has millions of followers and will undoubtedly help your dog to be more balanced and happy. The benefits are so good that you will successfully, with time and perseverance, alleviate some of your dog's behavioral problems.
Leave Your Dog Home with the Relax My Dog Channel on

Last update: 12 January, 2019

It is scientifically proven that music affects pets in a positive way, just as it does with humans. That is why more and more pet owners decide to use music to calm their best friends in many cases. Today, we want to talk about the Relax My Dog channel.

What is the Relax My Dog channel

It is an existing channel on the famous Youtube video platform that groups together different types of music that dogs love. Many pet owners decide to leave this channel on while they’re away from home to keep their dog calm or to make them feel less lonely.

It has millions of followers and has become world famous. Now, would it be a good idea to have your dog listen to it? Of course! Continue reading to find out when would be a good moment to have your dog listen to the Relax My Dog channel.

When your dog is a puppy

Just like children, a puppy is like a sponge that absorbs everything. It has been shown that music calms them, relaxes them and gives them a unique state of peace. Playing music for your puppy can influence their development in a very positive way and prevent aggressive behaviors in the future.

When they’re home alone

If you work away from home, it’s normal for your dog to spend many hours alone. This isn’t good for them because it could cause them to be stressed or anxious, and it could even lead on to aggressive behavior. It doesn’t take that much for a dog to get bored and maybe even to the point of depression.

dog listens to Relax My Dog music

Playing music, especially music composed for dogs — such as the music on the Relax My Dog channel — will make them feel less lonely. It will help them relax and perhaps even get them to sleep more easily.

When they’re very anxious

If your dog is very anxious and always moves from one place to another, them music can be a useful tool to calm them down. Obviously, this does not mean that they’ll stay still from the first moment you play the music for them, but if you do it continuously, you will see the results.

Over time, you will observe the benefits of music for your dog, and you will notice that they are less and less antsy. 

When they’re sick

Whether it is a specific illness or a chronic disease, play music to your dog will help them focus on listening to it and forget about their pain for a moment. Likewise, it can help get rid of their nervousness, anxiety, and it will lead them to a state of inner peace that they will greatly enjoy.

sick dog listening to Relax My Dog

If they suffer from insomnia

Older dogs usually suffer from insomnia, either due to their age or illness. The relaxing music on the Relax My Dog channel will help them fall asleep. Leave a speaker near them and keep it the volume low, and you will see how little by little they close their eyes until they fall asleep.

When there are problems with other pets

If your dog doesn’t accept your new pet, music can help calm the environment. Obviously, this will not happen in a matter of a day, but with patience, you will see that the animal will become more accepting. Music calms the spirit and feeds the soul so that anyone who enjoys it will become a new being. This will also happen in your dog.

When they show aggressive behavior

Aggressive behaviors can be caused for many reasons such as abuse, abandonment or trauma. If you have adopted a dog, and they show this type of behavior, music will be an excellent therapy to alleviate them.

Consider that an aggressive dog has been living in a hostile environment where shouting or loud noises are the daily norm. Listening to music that is relaxing selected especially for your dog — like the music on the Relax My Dog channel — will be the opposite of what they are familiar with. And they will like it!

Don’t forget to give this great channel try. Most likely, they will love it!