How to Prevent that Awful Wet Dog Smell

You can get rid of it with some homemade remedies that involve good hygiene and fur care. If the smell lasts a long time or is really intense, then it might be a sign of a health problem.
How to Prevent that Awful Wet Dog Smell

Last update: 03 September, 2018

Dogs love to spend time outside and sometimes they come home with that awful wet dog smell. The causes are usually natural, but it could also be from an infection.

Bacteria are the main cause of odor

Animals’ fur isn’t so different from human skin and organs because thousands of bacteria and fungi live in it. When your dog’s fur is dry, the bacteria and fungi momentarily stop growing.

When dogs get wet, the water molecules unleash small, volatile compounds that cause the bad smell that everyone is very familiar with. Don’t worry if you smell it because these totally natural microorganisms stay on your dog during his entire life. 

Fur that smells like wet dog

The smell they give off is also partly caused by the natural grease that covers their fur, which is what makes it so naturally strong and shiny. The other places where the smell is strongest are around the ears, paws, and anus, where they have secretion glands.

Tips and habits that can help you prevent that bad smell

So, this wet dog smell is something that all dogs give off naturally. It’s also extremely hard to make it completely get rid of it. However, there are some cleaning habits you can learn about to keep your dog from passing the bad smell on to your clothes and house.

  • Clean your dog’s paws. This will reduce the wet dog smell and keep your house free of germs and mud. Keep a rag or towel by the entrance so your dog doesn’t get the whole house dirty.
  • Put your dog straight into the shower. You will have problem carrying your dog if it’s small. If you have a large-sized dog, then you should clean his paws first. It’s also good to use a special dog shampoo that won’t cause any skin problems.
  • Brush your dog on a regular basis. This is another way to maintain the good hygiene of your dog’s skin and fur. It’s not good to bathe dogs frequently, so this is a good way to get rid of the dirtiness and germs.
A getting showered down

Apple cider vinegar is a natural disinfectant that takes care of your dog’s skin and also gets rid of unpleasant odorsIf you mix about one cup of this with your dog’s normal shampoo, it will help reduce the smell and keep it from coming back.

Your dog’s smell is a reflection of his health

Not all the smells dogs give off are natural. Your dog might be sick  if you notice him having a stronger or longer-lasting smell than usual, and a more reserved, distant behavior

Here are the most common diseases that are related to bad smell:

  • OtitisAs mentioned above, there are glands located near your dog’s ears that play a part in his natural odor. An ear infection can cause other secretions that make this odor stronger, so it’s good to keep his ears clean and under control.
  • An oral infection from plaque. Your dog’s breath can also give off a certain intense odor. If it smells like acetone or ammonia, then that might be a sign of an oral infection, which means you need to take you dog to the vet.
  • Any unusual secretion from the areas around the eyes, mouth, nose, or reproductive organs has a direct impact on a dog’s smell. Paying close attention to your dog can help prevent any disease from developing and keep him clean and healthy.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.