Natural Remedies for Your Pets’ Minor Health Problems

December 29, 2018
Free of chemicals, these remedies can help with conditions such as7 diarrhea, constipation, flatulence or vomiting.

Pets experience several types of health conditions. This might happen due to their immune system being weak or due to having close contact with the streets, garbage, and other animals. Although people often take their pets to the vet, there are many natural remedies that can help improve the small health problems pets have. Continue reading to find out about some of these natural remedies for pets.

Medicines and natural remedies for pets


Diarrhea is a common evil that affects both people and animals. It may seem harmless, but the truth is that diarrhea when left untreated can lead to dehydration and even death. Usually, bacteria, viruses, parasites or spoiled food can cause diarrhea.

When your pet has diarrhea, the first thing to do is not to give your pet anything, not even medications prescribed by the veterinarian because they might make the situation worse. While the animal is fasting, if you only have proof that they’re suffering from discomfort, gas or noise, then there is no problem.

However, you must go to the veterinarian if you notice a fever, mood swings, tremors or blood. This could indicate a major problem.

If it is common diarrhea, you can start by giving them a meal of boiled vegetables and chicken without any salt. Don’t give them rice because it would absorb a lot of water from the body and could cause them to dehydrate.

You should make sure there is fresh and clean water available for your pet, and watch them to see if they are drinking enough. Adding a few drops of lemon, a little chamomile, or some mint leaves will accelerate the recovery process.


And now we’re going to discuss the opposite: constipation. Giving probiotic should induce a bowel movement because they have a laxative effect. Even so, if the animal does not defecate in the first 48 hours, it will be necessary for you to take them to a veterinarian.

natural remedies: aloe vera for pets

Aloe vera is an ideal component to fight constipation, and this can be given to your pet in a simple fashion. You can add a few drops of this plant’s gel into their drinking water. It is possible that your pet might not want to drink because they feel bad. If so, you can administer the water with a syringe or bottle.


On occasion, dogs and cats may suffer from flatulence. This usually happens because of food intolerance or because you are giving them too much or not enough good quality food. Maybe their bodies cannot absorb the food they are eating.

You can add some herbs to the animal’s water or even in their food. Some herbs that can help with flatulence are anise, mint, fennel seeds and celery.


Normally, dogs and cats vomit for no apparent reason, but these instances of vomiting are usually normal and part of their way of digesting food. However, if there are more frequent cases of vomiting, it may indicate some abnormality. This may include, for example, toxicity, parasites or any other condition.

sick dog on a patio

The first thing that you should give your pet is a soft diet. Also, you can help by adding herbs such as lemon balm, anise, mint or ginger to his water or food.

You can easily make these remedies and natural medicines for pets at home. You just need some common plants that you can easily find in stores. These are always better for your pet’s body than chemical-based drugs.

However, keep in mind that for any malady, there is a period in which the animal is not in danger. But, if the condition continues after it has passed, you must go to the vet to find out what exactly is happening to your pet.