Why Your Dog Has Less Energy Than Before

Although this can sometimes be caused by some pain that they can't tell you about (which is why you should regularly visit the vet), propably your dog feel lethargic. 
Why Your Dog Has Less Energy Than Before

Last update: 21 October, 2018

It’s hard not to look at your dog and feel a warm memory of the time they were a puppy, running and jumping all over the place. Now, they’re probably much calmer and spends a lot of time sleeping. Let’s look at some possible reasons why your dog has less energy than before.

If your dog has less energy it could be because…

There are many reasons why a dog may have less energy, it doesn’t mean that something bad has happened to them. The following are some basic reasons:

He’s not a puppy anymore

The puppy-hood can last a while, in fact, a dog can still be considered as a puppy by the time they are one year old. They still have lots of energy and want to run, play, and jump around. However, it’s possible that like all parents, you still see your dog as a puppy even though they have reached adulthood.

Unfortunately, once your dog reaches a certain age, even if he’s not that old, he will have less energy. Even if they want to go out and play, it won’t be the same as before. These changes are all part of life. You can give yourself an idea of your dog’s age by multiplying it by seven. So, now you have an idea of how old your dog is.

The Seasons

Just like with people, the seasons influence your dog’s moods. There are some dogs who love the cold and others who love the heat. However, in hot weather, dogs are always more lethargic, want to sleep more, and don’t want to go out as much.

More importantly, during hot weather, you should avoid taking your dog out during the hottest part of the day. Even if you go out at other times of day you should always carry water with you. Above all, try to walk your dog early in the morning or late at night when the temperature is more refreshing.


This will be one of the most serious potential problems if you notice your dog’s not having any energy. If you notice that he’s always lying down, looking at you sideways without moving from his bed, doesn’t want to go out or play, and you’re having difficulties getting him to eat, then possibly they might be depressed.

Dog with its his head tilted looking into the camera head looking at you

Don’t take it for granted that it’s summer, or just that your dog isn’t a puppy anymore, go to the vet and ask what’s happening to your dog. Hopefully, nothing is wrong with your dog. However, if they are depressed, then you need to treat their depression.


A disease can drain your dog’s energy. It could be something serious or simple as gastroenteritis. But since your dog can’t talk, they’ll lay down in bed or in a corner somewhere waiting for time to pass.

Like we always say, observing your pet is really important for knowing what’s going on with them. Take your pet to the vet and he/she will help you work out what’s going on.


There comes a moment in every dog’s life, where they get old and a drastic change to their appearance and health takes place. They’ve gradually developed arthritis or some other condition that causes pain when walking or playing. As a result, they don’t really feel like doing much.

An old Saint Bernard lying on the grass with puppy on its back

With age, a dog’s strength also starts to drop. So, don’t be surprised if your dog has less energy than before.

Whatever the reasons might be — that your dog has less energy than before — most of the time there is nothing to worry about. They’re simply experiencing part of the cycle of life we all have to live through. However, keep a close eye on your dog in case there is some change in their appearance or behaviour.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.