How to Help Your Dog Be More Friendly

How to Help Your Dog Be More Friendly

Last update: 07 May, 2018

You have decided to go on a walk with your best (furry) friend every afternoon when you come back from work, so that both of you can exercise and maybe even meet new people… Why not? But when you get to the park, you have to turn around as soon as possible because your dog does not want to make friends—it’s actually quite the opposite. A similar thing happens when you have visitors over . So the question is, how can you help your dog be more friendly? Keep reading to find out.

Tips to Help Your Dog Be More Friendly and Sociable

They say that pets look like their owners, but sometimes that does not apply. Especially when your idea of ​​making new friends or being a good host is truncated by your dog’s bad mood or antisocial personality. If this sounds like what you are going through, don’t worry because you can reverse it.

Two white Golden Retrievers on the beach with their family


1. Employ Punishments and Rewards

If you are walking down the street and your furry friend starts to behave aggressively when another dog approaches you, you must say “no” loudly and in a serious tone, so that your dog understands that they do not have the right attitude. On the other hand, when they interact without problems, and they sniff and allow the other to sniff them, congratulate them with a treat. This way your dog will know what is good and what to avoid.


2. Loosen Your Dog’s Leash

Maybe your pet is being so aggressive and antisocial because you are holding him or her too close to you. When a dog feels a tight and short leash, he or she relates it to danger or to a problem, and therefore the dog reacts in an aggressive manner. If you hold your dog’s leash too tightly, he or she will not have the option of approaching other dogs and being friendly with them. Remember that you must be in control of the situation, rather than the animal being in control, but do not restrict the dog’s freedom to act.


3. Give Your Dog Permission to Be Sociable

Your pet will act in accordance to how you have trained him or her and what you have instilled, whether intentional or not. If you have kept your pet from interacting with other dogs since it was a puppy, it will be more difficult for them to ever act like the life and soul of the party. That is why you should allow your dog to approach other dogs, even if it you do it gradually.

Another option is to go to the dog-friendly areas of the parks and let your dog interact with his or her peers. You will of course need to keep a close eye on your dog in case he or she shows any signs of biting, growling or baring his or her teeth. If the dogs are just getting to know each other, allow them to socialize until you consider it unsafe, at which point you should separate the animals.


4. Adopt a Companion for Your Pet

If you have the option and the means to adopt another pet (whether it be a dog or a cat), do not hesitate to do this so that your pet can become more friendly. On many occasions, dogs are not sociable because they are not used to sharing time with others of their kind, and are therefore reluctant to play with them. In the process, you will be giving a loving home to one of thousands of abandoned or stray dogs and cats.


5. Get Your Dog to Join the Party

When you have visitors and your dog becomes aggressive or hides under the table, you should not allow them to continue with this behavior. So, what should you do? For starters, you can help your dog to get to know the guests, while ensuring that they do not show fear. It is your task as the host and owner of the animal to keep it from biting or barking at your guests.

Help your pet to understand that the newcomers are your friends and they like him or her. If your dog hides under the furniture, you can give them time to get used to the surroundings and proceed to call the dog slowly, so as to not scare them and provoke an attack.

6. Socialization Classes to Help Your Dog Be More Friendly

Even though it may sound a bit strange, there are even schools that will help your dog be more friendly. These classes are offered at community centers, in private lounges, and in parks, pet stores and veterinary clinics.

Thanks to these classes, dogs can be in contact with other animals and people, play, have a great time and relate their interactions with something positive. These classes are also perfect for shy owners or for people who have trouble making friends, because you are bound to meet quite a few nice people.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.