I'll Keep Loving You Even When You Abandon Me

The abandonment of dogs still remains a great evil, and it also it seems as though the numbers grow every day without any way to stop it
I'll Keep Loving You Even When You Abandon Me

Last update: 10 March, 2018

We have always seen pet abandonment issues from the human perspective: those who abandon their pets, without any conscience; those who love them, full of sadness and indignation. But they think, although you abandon me, will I still continue loving you? 

What about from the perspective of a dog? How will the abandonment look? We will tell you a moving story from the first person point of view of a puppy, which might help you to understand it. There is no greater loyalty than that of a dog. 

Thank you for your love, even though you abandon me

I always get up first in this house, I don’t even know if it’s day yet, but I don’t want to sleep anymore. There’s still a long time until my parents get up… oops! The door is opening, and they are already dressed! Are you already taking me outside?

They’re leaving from their room with some suitcases- but what are they for? Are we going to move again? That’s my leash! They are going to take me outside; I don’t know if I could jump any higher. And, I want them to know how much I appreciate them walking me. Walking with my dad in the morning is one of the things I like most. Then, I remember each and every one of the walks that we have taken.

Mom is already putting the bags in the car; are they going on vacation again? I don’t want them to leave me in that horrible pet hotel that doesn’t treat me well. I want to go with them!

Dad’s helping to put the bags in and… wait! He’s putting me in the car! Yaaaay! I’m going on vacation! Thank you, my loving owners and friends, for so much love; for not wanting to be away from me even on vacation.

Suddenly the car stops. Good thing too, because I already have to pee! I get out and mom pets me and dad throws me a ball. They even thought about playing with me during the trip. How can I thank them for so much love?

I run towards my ball with all of my strength, I want to beat my record so that they’re proud of me. Then, I c atch it and when I turn around to go to the car… the car… where is the car? I look desperately in all directions. And, I run full of desperation trying to see really far. Mom, dad, where are they? Well… thanks for taking me out to play, and for all of your love.

My love for you is stronger than death

I hang my head low, without really understanding what happened (maybe they forgot that I was there and will come back for me). I begin to walk scared, there isn’t anyone on the road and the cars are whirling by like crazy. Where are my parents? I need them! 

I arrive soon to a small town where children approach me, they like my hair. One lady throws me a piece of food as if I were a stray dog… or am I? I feel dirty, I don’t know how long I’ve been walking. I really appreciate the lady who gave me something to eat because I was starving.

Who is that man dressed in black running towards me? I don’t like his shoes, they’re really big. I better run. What did they throw on me to stop me from running? It’s a kind of net… I knew those shoes couldn’t be trusted! This car is so cold! It doesn’t have a warm and fluffy seat for me like my parents’ car. Maybe the man in black will take me to them, maybe they know each other.

I don’t think my parents came to this place for vacation. It’s ugly, it’s full of cages, and cold, shiny tables. Don’t put me in that cage! I won’t be able to run, I won’t be able to jump, I won’t be able to eat. What time will they take me out for a walk?

I quickly realized that I wasn’t getting out of here, that my parents weren’t going to return, and that the man with the horrible shoes wasn’t taking me out for a walk. Sometimes people come near my cage, they pet me, and tell me nice things, but they don’t make me happy. 

I only want to come home… even though you abandon me

One day, they take me out of the cage. I was still thinking that they had found my parents or that they had come back for me. Instead, they took me back to that cold, shiny table to do one of those routine inspections on me.

Today they have a needle, it’s really big, I probably shouldn’t resist because I won’t be able to free myself anyway. Others like this I remember a little pain that soon passed; they always said it was for my own good. But this one is making me really sleepy. I want to sleep… I want to lie down because I feel kind of dizzy…

Now I understand it all… Now that I can see everything from up above I understand that my parents abandoned me, maybe because I was a little old. I can see that they have another new friend who looks a lot like me. I can’t look at them with resentment. I look at them with a lot of gratitude and love because they helped me to be a happy dog, and, do my dear parents know something? If I could return to earth and be given a choice, I would choose them again. Although they abandon me, I will always continue to love them. That’s how I am.

Because my love for you is greater than death. I will continue to love you even when you abandon me…

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