I'm Not Purebred, But If You Adopt Me, You Won't Regret It

Puppy love is coming your way. All you have to do is open your heart to a pup in need of a new home
I'm Not Purebred, But If You Adopt Me, You Won't Regret It

Last update: 26 January, 2018

Even if they do not purchase them for fear of supporting the harmful sale of animals, many of those who wish to adopt a pet go for purebred dogs. They believe that purebreds are more beautiful and will make them look more glamorous. A mixed-race dog might ask you, “Why won’t you adopt me?”

There is nothing wrong with wanting a dog with specific characteristics, but we must not forget that there are many dogs that need to be adopted and have a new life. How will mixed-race puppies feel when they are never adopted?

Here’s a letter written in first-person, expressing the feelings of one of those pups.

Why won’t you adopt me?

I don’t know how long I’ve been here, I think it hasn’t been long. One by one, I’ve seen my friends disappear– the ones who were never adopted. I guess it will be my turn soon, but it seems like that moment hasn’t yet come.

I know I’m not very cute, because when humans come, they never come near me. It’s ok– it doesn’t make me sad, because I know that if someone chooses me one day, he will do so because he really loves me. He will be someone who loves me deeply for who I am, and not for how I look.

What really saddens me is to think that perhaps that someone may never come. It saddens me to see how my friends and siblings leave with humans who seem to love them a lot— I can see it in the way they smile. Every time the door opens, my little heart fills with hope, but every day it closes, and I’m still here. Why won’t you adopt me?

I want to tell you something– I’m still waiting. I know I’m not one of those cute puppies who make everyone walking down the street turn their heads and say, “What a beautiful dog”. But I have so much to offer you.

If you adopt me, I promise…

In order to convince you, I’m going to tell you everything I will be willing to do if you adopt me, because I would like you to understand that friendship, values, and loyalty are not based on appearance, but on the quality of your heart.

I promise:

  • That I will run to your side when you call me. I know that sometimes you will need my affection, and I promise that if you adopt me, I will come whenever you call me, even when I don’t feel like it. 
  • I won’t go to the bathroom in the house. It doesn’t matter how long it takes you to come home, I’ll hold it as long as I can, so that I won’t make more work for you and you’ll be proud of me.
  • I’ll wait for you by the door every day. That will be my job when you go to work every day– I’ll wait. I’ll be so anxious to see you again, that I will show you my joy in an effusive way.
  • I won’t disturb the neighbors. I won’t be one of those dogs who obey their owners, but won’t stop barking and disturbing the neighbors. No– if you adopt me, I promise you that will never happen.
  • I won’t break anything. I will strengthen my teeth by biting my toys and not your shoes. If you adopt me, I’ll show you my gratitude.
  • I’ll love you no matter what. It doesn’t matter if you scold me, or if you get sick. I’ll always love you, and I’ll never leave your side. 
  • I’ll protect you. If anyone dares to attack you, I will defend you with my life if necessary.
  • I’ll greet you happily every morning of every day. I’ll always have a smile for you.
  • I won’t tug on the leash when we go for a walk.
  • I’ll defend your children with my life.
  • I’ll always remember you, even when you’re gone.

I don’t know if this is enough for you, but if you could adopt me, there is so much more I can offer you. My gratitude toward you is limitless. If you adopt me, all of my being, external and internal, will belong to you, because you have shown me that you’re a caring person full of love who recognizes that true loyalty lies within the heart, and has nothing to with physical appearance.

If you adopt me…I will love you and take care of you for the rest of my life. 

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.