Intelligence Developing Games For Your Dog

Intelligence Developing Games For Your Dog

Written by Editorial Team

Last update: 06 March, 2023

We all know that game or play therapy help people with mental or physical disabilities. For example, in children with behavioral problems or elderly people with Alzheimer’s disease. Games have proven to be very effective in improving their quality of life. 

Well, these games can also make dogs happier and improve their intelligence. A dog with a healthy mind is a happy animal.  Of course, you already know we care a lot about the happiness of your pet. That’s why below is a list of nine canine intelligence developing games.

9 Games that make your dog smarter

Keeping a dog’s mind busy is important to prevent stress, anxiety, and other common ailments. The following will do exactly that and much more:


To play this game, take one of your pet’s toys or belongings and spread food on it. Hide it somewhere in the park, backyard, or house. You can place obstacles for your dog to get around while looking for his treat.

You can also put some food along the path so the animal feels rewarded and motivated to follow the route.

Catch me

Hide behind a door with a stick that is tied to a rope with one of your dog’s toys attached. Move the stick around to grab your dog’s s attention and pull it away just before he tries biting it. Do this exercise as many times as you want.

One, two, three

This game can definitely fulfill a dog’s need for being active.  You can get your dog moving by playing a yard or long hallway game that makes him run after a ball, or run towards you. Nevertheless, in order to stimulate his mind, he must learn to associate movement with commands such as; one, two, three.

I smell, I smell

A dog’s sense of smell is really sensitive and unique. Encouraging him to use it will improve and strengthen his mind and intelligence. To do so, we will introduce new scents the dog has never smelt before such as air fresheners or fruits. 

Give your dog a new scent and have him smell it, then immediately hide it from him and let him trace it. His mind will be activated and he will get a reward after finding it.


Although there are many dogmatic people in regard to this topic, music influences animals just like people. This is a scientifically proven fact.

Additionally, put on calming background music when your dog spends time home alone. This will help keep his mind at ease and make him not feel lonely. Also nature music that features other animals like wolves, birds, or lions, works well.


We love it when our dog obeys commands like jump, come, sit, and more. Although, teaching him these commands and other ones like them are not only beneficial for us, but for your dog too.

Learning new things always activates the mind and intelligence. Therefore, games like this one will help you fulfill your duty as an owner.

The box

Put a large cardboard box in the living room, and hide his toys and other belongings inside it. Let him see you doing it. Figuring out a way to get in and out the box to retrieve his belongings will have him overcome fears and use intelligence developing tactics.


Frisbee, a dog's most favorite toy

A Frisbee to play outside, whether it being in a park, forest, beach or inside a giant yard is a wonderful option. The animal needs to think how to catch the Frisbee and to be aware of its movements. This game does not only develop his intelligence, but also his reflexes and motor skills.


Yes, a massage isn’t a game. Nevertheless, a craneal massage can stimulate an animal’s brain and mind a lot. Furthermore, after so many games, it will be a very pleasant and well-deserved reward for your pet, right?

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