How to Know That Your Dog Loves You Madly

How to Know That Your Dog Loves You Madly

Last update: 22 January, 2018

You are certain that your pet is one of the most important creatures in your world. You believe that your dog loves you because he is a rather expressive. But to be 100% confident that your feelings are excessive and genuine, check out this article. You will know that your dog loves you madly!

How do you know if your dog loves you?

This question is asked by many dog owners. As animals do not express their feelings in words, many times we doubt whether our relationship with our pet is of love or convenience (it appears only when you are hungry or have a gift to offer). If your dog does at least one of the following things, it means that he loves you like mad:

1. He stares at you

dog eyes closed

Sometimes you are doing something at home and suddenly you realize that your pet is staring at you, as if he wanted to bewitch you. The same happens when he is playing or he sleeps by your side. It is an excellent signal! When a dog stares, it releases a hormone (oxytocin), the same one that mothers produce when they see their children.

2. You yawn at the same time

We already know that yawns are contagious. If you see someone doing it, you will also do it almost in unison. But things do not work the same way in animals (which also yawn when they are sleepy). Your dog will be watching you for a good part of the day, as we explained before. Therefore, if you just open your mouth to yawn he does the same, it means that he feels empathy towards you and that there is a strong bond that unites you.

3. He rests on your lap

You’re sitting on the couch or in a living room chair. Suddenly your dog comes to you and rests his head in your lap. Maybe it’s on the foot, on the arm or on the chest, depending on the situation. What does this mean? That he loves you madly! He is seeking refuge and affection and knows that only you can offer it to him. If that is not a demonstration of love, then what if it is?

4. He looks for you after eating

Food is one of the most important things in an animal’s life, as you will surely know. If your dog barely finishes his dinner before he goes to you and asks you to cuddle, it’s really something to consider. Why? Well, because it means that after food … the second most important thing in his life is you!

5. He receives you with great excitement

You may have just gone out for five minutes to buy something at the store out front or to take out the garbage, perhaps to hang clothes on the roof … it does not matter because, when you return, your pet will throw a party as if it has not seen you for years. Wagging his tail frantically, jumping from here to there, licking, barking, wallowing on the floor — all are signs that indicate his happiness and love for you.

6. He licks you

dog kiss

It may not be something you like very much, but it is the way an animal has to express its affection. Every time he licks you (especially in the face), he is showing you that you are part of his family, that he loves you, and that you are very important to him.

The same happens when he sniffs it incessantly (mostly in odorous areas such as feet). Why does he do this? Because it is a way of knowing how you are as well as saying that he enjoys your characteristic aroma.

7. Follows you to the bathroom

You get up from the sofa to go get a sandwich in the kitchen and your dog goes behind you as if he were your shadow. You go from the bed to the bathroom … and he is already there guarding your back. It does not matter that you’re only moving a few steps to pick something up, he will follow you. The reason is very simple: he loves you too much to even be a minute without your company.

8. He comforts you because your dog loves you

Dogs are the best medicine available to us. If you are sad, depressed, tired or sick, your pet becomes what you need to make you feel good again. Do not forget that animals are very sensitive creatures and that they are aware of everything that happens with their owners. Therefore, if they lie down beside you when you are in bed or lick you when you cry, it is because your dog loves you  like mad.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.