Lab Rescues Two Stranded Dogs From Canoe

Lab Rescues Two Stranded Dogs From Canoe

Last update: 07 July, 2018

The story is simple but exciting. Two dogs were trapped in a canoe that was being dragged downstream by the river’s currents. But a Labrador came to the dogs’ rescue, and without thinking twice, dove into the water and took the boat to shore.

Learn How a Labrador Rescued Two Dogs From a Stranded Canoe

The video went viral and found its way to several internet news sites and various television shows. It’s a perfect example of how a picture can be worth 1,000 words. After all, these are the only details and the only information we have about what happened. We don’t even know the specific location where it happened, though it’s assumed to be somewhere in the US.

No one really knows how the dogs got trapped in the canoe in the middle of the river to begin with. We are guessing that they jumped in the canoe and it must have broken loose, at which point it began to move downstream.

What we do know is that the images show such teamwork between the hero black lab, trying his very best, and the stranded dogs.

The hero in question, who is supposedly named Robbie, was able to take the canoe to the mainland because one of the dogs picked up the rope that once tied the canoe down and threw it in the water so that the black lab could rescue them.

Once he was back at the shore, the hero lab’s owner praised him. There are no other known details about the two dogs that he rescued. The vast majority of those who saw the images were joyful and amazed by Robbie’s intelligence and their teamwork.

However, others were quick to call out the humans participating in the story for choosing to record a video rather than help the animals. It’s a question for skeptics: could it be that it was all staged just to make a viral video?

Labradors and Water: A Longtime Relationship

In any case, we choose to believe that the lab actually saved the two dogs. This story also gives us a great chance to highlight this wonderful breed.

Labs are very intelligent dogs. They are happy to be in water and are well equipped to move around in it. They have a double coat and a membrane that allows them to swim more quickly.

They’ve always been good in the water. It’s no wonder since, like  Newfoundlands, they are descendants of St. John’s water dogs. This now extinct breed was used by fishermen in Canada to carry fishing nets and transport ropes between boats, among other similar tasks.

That’s why they were also used by hunters to recover prey that had fallen into various bodies of water. Nowadays, Labradors are used as water rescue dogs. With this type of background, it’s almost impossible to think that Robbie would have reacted any other way.

Black Labrador sitting on a bench

In addition, Labrador Retrievers are kind, docile and patient animals. They’re considered great family dogs. But one thing is for sure: they are tireless. Their families should be prepared to keep up with their playtime and exercise. Otherwise, they are prone to being overweight.

Also, thanks to their well-developed sense of smell, labs are excellent rescue dogs in natural disasters. Police and other forces use them for different detection tasks. As if that weren’t enough, they’re highly requested as therapy animals to assist children, the elderly and those with health conditions.


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