A Real-Life Lassie Helps Find His Owner Who Fell 70 Feet

This isn't the first time that a dog has saved the life of its owner. Here's a great rescue story for you.
A Real-Life Lassie Helps Find His Owner Who Fell 70 Feet
Sara González Juárez

Written and verified by the psychologist Sara González Juárez.

Last update: 19 April, 2023

Dogs always find ways to show that their understanding is better than we think. On this occasion, one of them, a real-life Lassie really excelled in a rescue in Tahoe Forest, California, leading the team of experts directly to the place where his owner was.

Many different types of accidents can occur in the mountains, and many are very dangerous, not only because of the injuries caused, but also because of the difficulty involved in finding someone in the middle of a forest. That’s why the role of Saul, the border collie who saved his owner, was so crucial. Let’s get to know the story in detail.

The accident in the forest

The rescue in Tahoe Forest began with an accident. A 53-year-old man was walking through a hidden area of this forest when he fell down a steep slope, some 70 feet (18 meters) down.

Because of the fall, the man broke his hip and several ribs, but was able to move to a place where there was cover. It was at that point that he managed to contact rescue services and call for help.

The search party

But it wasn’t until the following day, July 14, that a search and rescue team was sent out to look for the man. By tracking the last GPS signal from the man’s cell phone, they were able to find out the approximate coordinates of where he was located.

However, when the search and rescue team arrived at the designated location, all they found was a makeshift camp. The man was nowhere to be found.

From that point on, the rescue team decided to widen the search, increasing the area from the camp. They thought they heard a voice shouting, but couldn’t locate it. It was at this point that the missing piece of the puzzle appeared.

A real-life Lassie

Even before the search began, a friend of the injured man had asked the rescue team to look for his dog, Saul. However, it wasn’t until they were in the middle of the intense search that they learned the reason for this request.

As the search for the man was widening from his camp, Saul appeared to the rescue team. Heeding his signals, they decided to follow him.

Sergeant Dennis Haack, who worked with the rescue team, said that Saul jumped and circled around them, a real-life Lassie, to get their attention.

The happy outcome

A real-life Lassie.

Following the dog for about 200 yards (about 180 meters), they finally managed to find the stricken man and tend to him. He was in a makeshift shelter with a camouflage cloth and they were finally able to treat his injuries.

He was taken to the hospital to treat his injuries and the dog was taken to a local shelter. The only left to do here is to give credit to Saul, without whom it would have taken much longer to help the lost man. Would you have followed a dog that was trying to get your attention in the middle of a rescue?

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