Becoming a Member of an Animal Welfare NGO

Animal welfare organizations provide a space to contribute to a cause that will help and aid pets and animals when and where they need it the most.
Becoming a Member of an Animal Welfare NGO
Francisco María García

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Last update: 27 December, 2022

To consider becoming a partner of an animal welfare NGO is a very noble matter. These institutions are responsible for providing care and support for different kinds of animals that are at risk. However, the cases can be very diverse: animal abandonment, disease, the possibility of extinction, ill-treatment, etc.

Sometimes, multiple occupations or the lack of space at home make it impossible to keep a pet as a company. Nevertheless, there are ways we can use our love for animals and desire for serving together for the common good.

For instance, becoming a member of an animal welfare NGO is one of them. These institutions provide a space where we can collaborate and help many animals in return for all the love they give us.

A "stop animal abuse" sign.

How can you become a member of an animal NGO?

Here are some simple steps you can take in order to become a member of an animal welfare NGO:

1. Find an NGO you like

There is a wide variety of NGOs dedicated to animal care and protection. With the help of the internet, finding them is very simple. In addition, all kinds of information are available to help you make a responsible choice. After you pick one, contacting them will be the easiest thing.

2. Contact

Each animal NGO has its own selection procedures to accept people who are willing to help them and become partners or members of their family. Giving them a call or sending an email will help you receive information and all you need to know before you go to an appointment.

However, some NGOs have application models that can be downloaded from the web. Authorized and trained personnel will then contact you to make an appointment, or to request any necessary information.

3. Volunteer training

Volunteering is the most immediate and effective way to become a part of an animal NGO’s team. Nevertheless, every activity requires training and prior instruction. In the case of volunteering, this is also true. Moreover, the first details you need to learn are the institution’s objectives and the way they’re organized.

After learning this, the volunteer applicant may have a better idea about the area in which he or she could be of service. However, there’s also the guidance of the counselors, who will resolve any doubts that any volunteer may have.

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NGOs are funded mostly through the collaboration of citizens and non-state funds. Some may have some public aid; however, this aid has been increasingly cut back due to the economic crisis.

Therefore, if you wish to become a member of an animal NGO, you should consider making monetary contributions. These contributions are, in most cases, composed of modest amounts. Nevertheless, they still greatly help to provide the institution with autonomy.


The service you can get at information stands is also very useful if you want to be part of an organization of this kind. Therefore, keep in mind that a lack of information means that animals miss out on a lot of help they could have received.

Follow up

Another kind of aid is monitoring animal rights or animal rights surveillance. This can be done for animals who have been given up for adoption. This includes reporting how well the new owners are treating them and that they’re keeping and fulfilling their commitments.

Maintenance and transfers

Not all the activities at an NGO include having direct contact with the animals. You can, for example, be part of the administrative area, or the facility maintenance crew.

Another very valuable way to help if you want to become a member is to be able to help transporting animals. If you have a car or some safe means of transport, it can prove to be very useful. Looking after sick dogs or hosting one temporarily can be just as valuable as well.

An animal NGO collaborator’s profile must include responsibility and affection. In addition, people of any age range can usually become a partner. From very young people to elderly people no matter their gender, social condition, or spiritual beliefs.

In sum

The above elements can be of great help to you if you decide to become a part of an animal welfare NGO. Moreover, all they need is that the volunteer is genuinely interested and consistent. As a result, all your efforts will prove to be very useful to the community, no doubt.

Adopting a pet that has been abandoned or surrendered by owners who don’t want them or can’t take care of them anymore is growing in popularity. If your home is full, but your heart is open, you can sponsor a rescued wild animal or an abused farm animal.

Are you considering this might be for you? We hope you enjoyed learning more about something that could be part of your highest passion and motivate you to act on it! As a result, our dear animal friends will thank you and love you back unconditionally.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.