An Exciting Campaign Promoting Dog Adoption

An Exciting Campaign Promoting Dog Adoption

Last update: 06 May, 2018

In many cities, abandoned dogs are everywhere. There is no way to give shelter to all of them and so many of them spend their entire lives on the street. Organizations try to teach people that adopting dogs is better than buying bred ones. That’s why there are campaigns on the subject, some of which include videos that touch our hearts and in many cases (hopefully) end in an adoption.

Dog adoption saves lives

One recent campaign promoting dog adoption was created by an association called Dog Trust, dedicated to finding homes for abandoned or abused dogs. The theme of the video is: “Help a dog find someone special”.

Dog adoption: a puppy on a person's shoulder.

The video shows a dog who goes everywhere with a plaid-shirted doll wearing glasses, as if it were his owner. They play on the lawn, go to the vet and cuddle at night.

Beyond the tenderness of the images, the message is clear: The dog was waiting for that special someone, that human to show him love the way he did with the doll.

Here is the video; make sure you watch it with a tissue on hand!

Adopting dogs keeps them off the street

Of course, there are hundreds of video campaigns about dog adoption that have gone viral. The idea is that people who haven’t yet decided to adopt a dog or are unaware of the huge number of abandoned dogs will watch them. You might see these campaigns and they may touch you, but it would be even better to do something about it.

Adopting a dog is a pure act of love; there is no other way to define it. Thousands of dogs are helpless. They sleep where they can, eat what they find, and get wet when it rains. They are cold in the winter and in many cases suffer abuse by those who do not want them poking through their trash or sleeping in their backyard.

There are many free dog adoption programs in major world cities. You don’t even need to pay anything or look too hard. These events are usually carried out in parks or outdoor public areas where dozens of furry friends eagerly await their new owners.

Irresponsible pet owners, the current tendency to buy a dog instead of adopting one, and the lack of information about the benefits of sterilizing pets are all increasing the number of stray dogs, every day. That’s right, every day they are left on the street and there is no room in shelters for them all.

Puppies in a basket.
For this reason, increasing numbers of them are calling the outdoors their home. Many have been living outside for years. They do not know what it is to have a warm place to sleep in the winter or receive love from a human.

How can you help?

How can you help? Here are just a few ways.
  • Encouraging dog adoption
  • Treating stray dogs respectfully
  • Giving them food or water when possible (leaving a bowl with water outside the door may suffice)
  • Helping in shelters (in person, with food or medicine)
  • Sharing videos on social media
 When we decide to adopt a dog, our lives change completely. The dog will be eternally grateful to the human who finds and rescues him. You will find no one in the world who is more faithful to you.

He won’t hesitate to give his life for you, and you’ll be his hero forever. How can we see their beautiful faces and not be moved, especially when we know that an adopted dog is the happiest being on the planet?

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