Why It's Better to Adopt Two Cats Instead of One

Why It's Better to Adopt Two Cats Instead of One

Last update: 18 April, 2018

If you like kittens and you have decided to adopt one into your family, then seriously take this proposal into consideration: if you are in good financial situation then it is better to adopt two cats. Let us tell you why.

Two kittens: Same amount of work but twice the happiness and affection

It is ideal to adopt a pair of kittens from the same litter in order for them to grow up together. However, if you already have a cat and want to adopt another meowing friend into the family, then do so while taking some precautions.

 Two cats will be about the same amount of work as one, but twice the satisfaction. You’ll soon see why.

Although, the most important thing is that cats- – are very sociable animals even though some deny it- – will grow up happier and will have much better personalities and behaviors.

When it comes to cats, it’s best to adopt two instead of one, as long as your budget allows you it. You will not regret it: they will grow up healthier and happier, and have much better personalities and behaviors.  Also, fun will be guaranteed in your home.

Find out why two are better than one when it comes to cats

Kittens and adult cats do mix

Among the advantages of adopting two cats instead of one, we can highlight:

  • Adaptation. If it is traumatic to separate a kitten from its mother and take it to a new home, the impact will be much less by having the companionship of a sibling.
  • Socialization. A kitten that grows up with another cat will be less aggressive when it’s an adult and it will get along better with felines.
  • At Play. Having a feline companion for adventures is very good. Other than watch the fun of two cats playing, you will avoid getting bitten or scratched by one lonely cat.
  • Companionship. If you are away from home for a long, the animals will keep each other company without having to deal with loneliness or boredom. Not only will they play together, they’ll sleep near each other and groom each other.
  • Physical and mental health. By staying active while playing, your cat will not be at risk of becoming obese and will remain agile and fit. Additionally, by not being alone, it will prevent apathetic attitudes or certain destructive activities.

Some things to keep in mind if you have more than one cat

Other topics to consider if you decide to adopt more than one cat:

  • If you have two males, they’ll get along better if they’re neutered. If it is a couple, remember they will reproduce even if they are siblings. So prevent unwanted litters by spaying and neutering them.
  • It’s not a good idea to adopt another cat into the family if your cat is traumatized by something in its past, old or sick.
  • Cats do not care about breed or have conflicts over that matter. So coexistence between domestic felines is not a problem.
  • When adopting another animal into the home, make sure it has a similar personality and activity level as the “original” cat.
  • It is ideal for the new cat to be a younger if your cat is a little shy or insecure. It can teach things to the newcomer and raise its self-esteem.

Adopt two cats! You won’t regret it

Two cats are better than one

Since nothing is perfect, you have to consider other issues that come with having two cats. For example, it doubles the expense for food, veterinary, vaccines, toys, litter, etc.

However, it also doubles the love, companionship and… fun. Playing with cats or just watching them play is priceless.

For that reason, the balance is in your favor.  If there it is in your budget, take a leap and decide to have two cats instead of one: they will be able to develop their cat personalities better, and live healthier and happier.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.