Don't be shy! Reason Why You Should Adopt a Pet

Unsure about inviting a pet to join your family? Let's talk details!
Don't be shy! Reason Why You Should Adopt a Pet
Francisco María García

Written and verified by the lawyer Francisco María García.

Last update: 27 December, 2022

Many people want to adopt a pet, but do not know how or are afraid. However, the steps are very simple. Abandoned, injured and battered pets are waiting for a foster home that wants them.

To take the first steps to adopt, you have to go to an animal adoption center. Among the requirements that are usually required to start the procedures, are:

  • Be of age. You’ll need to present a valid ID.
  • Proof of address. You’ll need a document showing that you own the home where the pet will live or, in case of renting, that the landlord allows animals.
  • Adoption contract. You must sign a certificate in which you commit to:
    • Take care of the pet and keep it in optimal condition (housing, food, exercise)
    • Provide him with the veterinary care he needs. The pet will be given to you dewormed and with the corresponding vaccines. In some cases, dogs will also carry microchip.
    • Not use him for breeding.
    • Notify of any changes (loss, death)
    • If you can’t take care of him, don’t give in to fear. Do not abandon him; return him to the shelter.


Animal shelters do not normally receive economic subsidies. Rather, they exist on personal financial aid. In most cases, it is a matter of donations to cover the veterinary expenses of the pet while it has been under the guardianship of an animal association.

Among the parameters that the associations set, are the following:

  • The association has the right not to give you the pet if you cannot fulfill the requirements.
  • The association may request that the presentation or adoption of the animal be made at the home where the pet will live, so they can be introduced their future environment.
  • During the adjustment period, the association might follow up on the adopter to see how the pet adapts to the family and verify that commitments are fulfilled.
  • If you find an abandoned animal, there is a period of time to wait before it can be officially adopted. This is in case the owner has lost it and wants to claim it.

If you don’t want to adopt, you can still help!

There are other options, if you don’t want to adopt a pet. Here are some of them:

  • Donate. Economic contributions or donations of objects and toys for these animals are another way to improve their lives in the shelters.
  • Sponsorship. We can become the godmother/godfather of a pet and fund its support until someone adopts it.
  • Volunteer. Another option is to become a volunteer at an animal shelter, and participate in their care. You could do this either by tending to the animals directly, by sharing information about animal rights events, assisting in adoption follow-ups, and helping potential candidates lose their fear of adoption.
  • Foster homes. You can also temporarily host an abandoned pet until they are adopted into a permanent home.

Statistics in Spain

In Spain there are currently 300 shelters and kennels for abandoned animals. Among the reasons for this are the weddings, the divorces, the sudden appearance of allergies, the arrival of a child, new flooring in the house, a job change, annoyance at the animal’s barking or peeing in the house, etc.

What to keep in mind when adopting

When we adopt a pet, in addition to offering an animal a second chance, we are doing our part to discourage the pet store market. Most of the animals in pet shops come from breeders with few scruples and suffer from inherited diseases caused by inbreeding so widely used to achieve breed pedigree.

For this reason, we must be sure about where the animal comes from, and also of our willingness to have it in our home. We must be aware  of the expenses that we will incur through food, veterinarians, and accessories. We must dedicate time to our pet to give attention, and to walk it. In addition, you must realize that it may get into mischief indoors or in the yard, and cause discomfort during the holidays, etc.

Prior to adoption, it is very useful to deworm, sterilize, and implant a microchip in your new pet.


Thousands of dogs and cats end up in shelters without being guilty of anything, and without understanding what is happening. They are separated from their loved ones, although this affection is not usually reciprocal. They end up surrounded by other unknown individuals, locked up, confused, frightened and depressed.

Because of all of this, adopting an adult animal has the advantage of offering one last chance to an animal that could end its days locked in a cage.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.