Airbnb for Dogs: A New Alternative

Airbnb for Dogs: A New Alternative

Last update: 09 June, 2018

Airbnb has become so famous that it’s already used almost everywhere worldwide. Wherever you go on vacation, you maybe able to find a reasonably priced apartment thanks to this website. Did you know that now there’s also Airbnb for dogs?

Yes, it’s true. Not only will you be able to find a place to stay at anywhere, but you can also leave your pet in one of the homes listed on this website. It’s a very cool alternative, and you can learn all about this trendy app today.

Airbnb for dogs now exists

Many dog owners get frustrated almost every time they go on vacation and don’t know where or with who they can leave their pet with. The problem gets worse when the pet is scared and doesn’t like being around other dogs.

Dog lodging

However, all this changed with the release of Airbnb for dogs. Here are some websites that offer lodging for dogs:

  • Gudog
  • Dogbuddy
  • Holydog

Gudog was invented about five years ago in Madrid. It has since expanded throughout Spain, UK, France and Germany.  Loli Garrido, a pet owner, created the website due to having a bad experience with a dog hotel.

Garrido says that dogs were kept in cages and taken on very short walks, as if they were prisoners. She wanted to find someone trustworthy to take care of her pet, a place where he could feel at home. What better solution would there be than creating a website?

It’s an innovative approach has worked well, and left a good impression for others to follow.

How does it work?

Homeowners offer to take care of the dogs, take them out for walks, and make them feel at home for around ten hours. You can use the service for longer, but that’s the standard amount of time.

For example, it’s ideal for weddings, meetings, or other time-consuming activities. If you go on vacation, many animal lovers are willing to stay with your animals for more than a day.

The price varies between 6 and 10 euros per day, plus a 19% service fee charged by the website.

Likewise, when booking, regardless of whether you do it directly with the caregivers or through customer service.  At the same time the app provides veterinary insurance in case of any emergency, which will give you peace of mind. Interesting, there is nobody out there who will create a business likes this, other than an animal lover.

Is it safe for dogs?

According to Gudog, the website conducts thorough analyses of people who want to become caregivers. They must have experience dealing with animals, and pass a series of personality tests

Airbnb for dogs

Many users have assured that this website takes caring for dogs very seriously, something that is missing in many dog hotels and other dog kennels.

Likewise, this insurance gives dog owners peace of mind, since taking care of a pet is a great responsibility, especially if it’s not yours. This Insurance offers coverage in case anything happens.

Both caretakers and pet owners can agree to meet up with each other before coming to an agreement.

The other websites mentioned above provide a similar service. They have certainly left a good impression on pet care worldwide.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that canine hotels are bad or they mistreat animals. Unfortunately, some have received complaints, but we can’t judge based on the bad ratings of a few.  Whatever you decide, when you have to leave your pet with someone else, make sure he’s going to be well taken care of. His well-being is what really matters.

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