Dog Finds Love After 2 Years Chained Up

Violet's experienced hate and abuse before finding the kindness she deserves
Dog Finds Love After 2 Years Chained Up

Last update: 23 February, 2018

If you see a recent image of Violet, playing with a stuffed animal or happily going for a walk in a natural environment, you may find it hard to believe that this dog had never experienced human kindness and good treatment until after spending 2 years chained up. Now the pooch is waiting in a shelter in New Mexico, USA, for someone to decide to adopt her.

Meet Violet, the dog who spent two years chained up

Source: NMDOG's facebook

Violet was rescued at the end of last year, along with 5 other dogs in the same situation of abandonment and subjugation. The animals were tied up outside on a property in San Miguel County.

Volunteers from the organization NMDOG arrived there after a woman who noticed the situation made a complaint. This entity specializes in helping dogs that spend their days chained up.

But in the case of these canines, the situation was even worse. The person responsible for caring for them had been imprisoned. So, the animals were tied up without access to food.

Because it is illegal in this county for animals to be chained up if the owners are not present, the volunteers managed to take the dogs into custody with the help of the local sheriff and another organization that helps abandoned pets and operates in the area.

We will tell you the story of Violet, a dog that spent two years chained up outdoors in an part of ​​New Mexico. The dog first experienced human kindness when she was rescued by volunteers from a nonprofit organization. NMDOG members provided veterinary care and worked on her resocialization.

Thanks to those who rescued her, the pooch finally experienced human kindness

As determined by NMDOG members, Violet is around 2 years old. So it can be said that, until the moment of her rescue, she spent a good part of her life wearing a thick chain secured to her neck with a heavy padlock.

The dog and her companions in captivity had to receive immediate veterinary attention. Violet had sunburn on a large part of her body. But in addition, she had a serious infestation of fly larvae on her skin.

But beyond her bad physical condition, let’s not forget that this dog experienced human kindness for the first time when she was rescued. That is why she also had to learn to let go of her fear and to begin to trust in human beings.

For example, when someone made sudden movements near her with their hands, she shied away because she thought they were going to hit her. But she has responded well to efforts that this nonprofit organization’s people have made to resocialize her.

Violet hopes to be adopted

Currently, Violet seems healthy and quite happy with her new life. Her NMDOG caregivers expect a family to decide to adopt her.

While waiting for this new opportunity, the dog builds trust at the shelter. She plays with her stuffed animal and enjoys walks in the park.

Those who welcome Violet into their home should know that she must be kept away from the sun’s rays most of the time. She has already suffered enough burns caused by the sun’s rays during the time she spent chained outside.

And it goes without saying that good treatment and the responsibility to provide the necessary care are expected of all those people who decide to have a dog.

To a world without chains or abuse

Source: NMDOG's facebook

Angela Stell, the director of MNDOG, is confident that Violet can leave behind her past of mistreatment and chains and enjoy the life that every pet deserves to have with a human family that loves and protects her.

This organization has been working since 2011 with the main objective of rescuing chained up animals, curing them body and soul and looking for a good home. They are based in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

We hope that many dogs like Violet who suffer this terrible situation in different parts of the world will have the possibility of being freed and having a second chance.

Source of the Facebook NMDOG photos

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