40 Abandoned Pit Bulls Are Rescued from Extremely Bad Conditions: How to Rescue an Abandoned Animal

40 Abandoned Pit Bulls Are Rescued from Extremely Bad Conditions: How to Rescue an Abandoned Animal
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Last update: 18 November, 2023

Among the breeds considered most likely to star in violent episodes are American Pit Bull Terriers. Better known as Pit Bulls, and in this case, they are abandoned Pit Bulls.


Breed Mix-Ups and Abandoned Pit Bulls

This breed is often confused with others, such as the American Staffordshire Terrier. Pit Bulls share an origin with this breed, but are different. This is because of standard and selection criteria.

The Pit Bull should not be confused with the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, which is smaller and a companion breed. Neither should it be confused with the English Bull Terrier and the Boxer.

As for their contribution, Pit Bulls are used in security services for the detection of narcotics. They are also kept as pets. In Spain, they are considered potentially dangerous.


The Story of 40 Abandoned Pit Bulls; Rescued from Extremely Bad Conditions

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There are many occasions when a dog will surprise us. Especially a dog we think of as dangerous and abandoned. To see certain breeds of dog, as is the case with Pit Bulls, in a state of abuse and vulnerability is incomprehensible.

Recent news reports on 40 Pit Bulls, found living in poor conditions in an abandoned house. The location of the house is in Lake Mathews, Canada.

The house is owned by a known criminal, who had been imprisoned for drug trafficking. He abandoned the Pit Bulls and left them to fend for themselves.

The neighbors discovered the house full of these abandoned dogs. They gave an alert to Animal Control Services after noticing a bad smell emanating from the property. On arrival, Animal Control Services encountered a horrible scene.

The house with the animals was in a horrible condition. Many of the dogs had died, and others were so weak that they could not even move.


Tips for Rescuing an Abandoned Dog

If you find an abandoned dog in the street, approach it slowly and crouch down to its height. Do not make any sudden movements and keep a safe distance. Try to call it over to you with a whistle, and speak in a low tone of voice.

If the abandoned animal agrees to approach you, extend your hand so it can sniff you. Proceed calmly and pet the animal. Remember not to pet the top of the animal’s head.

Ideally, you should pet the animal starting from bottom to top. It is possible that the animal has suffered humiliation and physical abuse, this is why our hand coming down from above, can instill fear.

Do not make any sudden movement or action. Instead, move smoothly and in the animal’s line of vision. Avoid being behind the animal, because that will cause it to feel insecure.

If you intend to put the abandoned animal inside a vehicle, it is best to coax the animal into following you. But if you are unsuccessful in doing this, you can also try carrying it. Always use extreme care and face the animal. This action will help give confidence to the animal, and you can watch it’s gestures and reactions.

If the animal is nervous about your presence or is doubtful of your intentions, it is best to lead it away. Lead it away from roads or busy streets where it could run away or cause an accident.


How to Put a Leash on an Abandoned Animal and What to do Once you Have

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If you have a leash, you can try to put this on the animal, but be careful! If you notice the dog is nervous of you doing this, the leash is not a good idea. The animal could become aggressive, hurt itself with the leash, or it could harm or bite you.

Once you have secured the animal, take it somewhere safe. If you have any pets at home, do not immediately take the animal there as you do not know its background. Remember, that you do not know if the animal is sick or aggressive with other animals. Even if it has not been aggressive towards you.

During your first few moments together, you should be sure the animal has food and water. Watch as it defecates and urinates, so you can detect any discoloration or blood in stools and urine. Unless the animal is in a state where it needs to see a veterinarian immediately, wait a few hours before taking him. By waiting, you will have some prior knowledge about the animal. This means you will be able to answer any questions that the specialist will have.

It is very important for you to win the trust of abandoned animals. By doing this and for the rest of it’s life, the animal will remember the way you made it feel. It will recall the experience in it’s own way and the animal will be grateful for your actions.

Once you make sure the animal is healthy and the veterinarian authorizes the fact, you can integrate it into society. You can begin socializing the animal with others, play with him or her and take him or her out on the leash.

Image source: www.upsocl.com

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