A Young Thai Man Gives Stray Dogs their First Hugs

A young Thai man gives stray dogs their first hugs
A Young Thai Man Gives Stray Dogs their First Hugs
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Last update: 22 December, 2022

Emmy Panu is a young Thai man who came up with “The first hug” campaign. The campaign aims to give love to stray dogs in his country through a first hug. His promotional video has caused a commotion on social media and already has almost 2 and a half million views on YouTube.

Emmy’s campaign does not have a foundation or funds, nor a shelter for homeless dogs. However, this does not prevent the humble adolescent from helping a population that is experiencing a dire emergency: homeless dogs.

His contribution is not economic, but that does not stop it from being significant, especially for the dogs which he comes in contact with. Emmy simply gives the dogs a hug, which is probably the first hug that these little friends have received in their entire lives.

Working with homeless dogs

In his work to show solidarity to dogs, Emmy finds many obstacles and considerable dangers. As you can see in his video, some of the stray dogs that he tries to approach are reluctant or defensive and some even try to bite him.

Dogs are often subjected to cruel abuse while living on the streets. Some have not even had the opportunity to establish close connections with humans.

But Emmy has also managed to get along with a few stray dogs — and more than material goods, what the majority of street dogs have always needed is attention and someone to trust within the confines of the darkest streets of Bangkok.

What most people ignore is that Thailand can be hell for abandoned dogs. Some people call Thailand “the country of stray dogs”.

Thailand: the worst place for homeless dogs

It is estimated that more than 300,000 stray dogs roam the streets of Bangkok, the capital of Thailand. But there are no clear records on the number of abandoned dogs that exist throughout this country.

The huge number of stray animals motivated dog smuggling, one of the most lucrative and terrifying businesses in Thailand. A dog can be sold for as little as 2 euros, since there are countless stray dogs without owners.

That is why smugglers need to kidnap large quantities of these animals to generate reasonable profits. The most experienced smugglers export an average of 2,000 dogs, which often end up being cooked in busy restaurants in Vietnam.

To fill the demand, smugglers even sometimes steal domestic dogs that are standing at the door of their owners’ houses. The people who adopt pets in Thailand have to make a great effort to care for their beloved pets.

From youth to dog hero

It is in this context that Emmy Panu carries out his risky work. He does so with great courage, especially considering the fact that a large percentage of the country’s canine population is infected with rabies.

The best thing is that to help Emmy in his mission of giving stray dogs hugs, you do not need to be a resident of Thailand. Anywhere you are, there is always an abandoned puppy that requires a little human warmth.

Monarchy and animal inequality

It is well known that the royal family of Thailand has had dog-loving rulers. The old King Bhumibol Adulyadej built a monument in memory of his dog Thong Daeng in 2015. The King died on October 13, 2016, and Thong Daeng lived until she was 17 years old.

The King’s death led to the reign of his son Maha Vajiralongkorn. His successor went on to give his dog, a little poodle named Foo Foo, a military title.

Beyond this, the government of the Asian country has done little or nothing to protect the large population of stray dogs. The strays are a part of the culture of Bangkok. This speaks of a situation of animal inequality that has no precedent.

An example to follow

At the time of Emmy’s first interactions with street dogs, not every dog was friendly. But other dogs simply fell into his arms.

World-renowned organizations such as Peta or the Human Society are confident in the fact that the only effective solution to curb the proliferation of stray dogs is sterilization

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