What To Do If You Lose Your Pet

Some of the ways to find a lost pet are by going out with a friend and looking for them, posting ads on social media or even posters. 
What To Do If You Lose Your Pet

Last update: 30 October, 2018

Losing a pet can be one of the hardest things to go through in life. As soon as you realize that they’re gone, you may experience a nervous breakdown. The nerves can even paralyze you to the point you don’t know how to act. If you have lost a pet, stay calm and follow the steps below.

If you lose your pet, then do the following:

The miracle of social media

Although it sounds ironic, the first thing you have to do as soon as you lose your pet is to put posts about them on social media, especially in your community’s groups. These groups connect a lot of people. Maybe one of the members might pass by and find your pet.

Sales groups, or any other kind of group, are great options. A lot of people who belong to groups have found a lost pet and have taken them back home. Or, perhaps someone has seen a lost pet and has told the group about it, specifying their whereabouts. Maybe it could be your pet!

It’s difficult to think about checking your social media before going out to find your pet, but this step can be key to finding your four-legged friend.

Dog on the street with his owner having a smart phone in his hand

Your pet might not be very far away, especially if they haven’t been gone for a long time. Check around the area, and, if possible, go with some friends so you can cover a larger area.

If your pet is a cat, don’t forget to look in every single corner, especially underneath cars because that’s one of their favorite places. Call your pet by name, and bring some of their favorite treats to lure him in.

Report it

If you’ve done the previous steps and there’s still no sign of your pet, then it’s time for you to use the animal identification record in your town. As a general rule, this institution’s number will be in your pet’s records. They will alert all the veterinarians in the area, in case anyone finds them and takes them into any clinic.

This step is proof of the importance of keeping your pet’s microchip data up-to-date, such as your phone number and address. If your missing pet ends up appearing, then they will contact you based on the information they have on file.

Report it to police

Many people who find pets take them to the police station because they don’t know what to do with them. In case this happens, report your lost pet to local police so that they’re aware. Also, leave your contact information in case they show up.

This step is key, especially if your dog is from an expensive breed. It might have been stolen by someone trying to resell it. That is a crime punishable by law.

Get the word out

Talk to guards, veterinarians, and kennels in your area. Any association that looks out for the good of animals, or even foster homes, can be places that someone might take your pet if they find it.

Puppy licking a girl

The town animal shelter can be a key place to check, because not only might someone take your pet there, but also the shelter employees might find it on the street while they are on duty.

Spread the word

Also, tell your neighbors, your neighborhood and neighboring town stores, including other businesses, so they can let you know if they see your lost pet. Show them a picture, or make color copies to leave them everywhere you can. That way your pet will be much easier to recognize.

Make posters

Finally, make posters with your pet’s picture and info, as well as your contact information. If you can, offer a reward because that can encourage people to search. Or, if it’s a purebred dog, it might get the thief to feel bad and return it.

Do everything you can if you lose your pet. Your commitment and effort are sure to pay off. Good luck!

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.