How to Know if a Breeder is Reputable

The good ones aren't trying to get rich at the expense of a female dog. They try to keep up the standards of a breed out of the love they have for it.
How to Know if a Breeder is Reputable

Last update: 10 September, 2018

Dog breeders have existed all over the world throughout history. Due to the fact that everyone thinks adoption is usually the best way, today we’re going to talk a little bit about what makes a breeder reputable.

A breeder’s mission

A breeder is someone dedicated to developing one specific species. Some people breed horses, dogs, cats, birds of all kinds, and even fish. They use their intuition, knowledge, and the physical traits of the animal they’re breeding.

Most of the time they set up shop in places that has high hygienic standards. They’re also places where the safety, consent, and health of the animals  are guaranteed. They should either be a team of vets or a veterinarian’s office close by.


The dogs a breeder works with should be in excellent health and have the most signature features of the breed. They never breed with dogs that have visual impairments or behavioral problems.

A breeder also doesn’t cross animals all the time, contrary to popular belief. There are a lot of factors they have to keep in mind during mating. They consist on factors like the amount of sleep the female is getting and even the relationship she has with the male.

They don’t breed to get rich

A lot of breeders do their work out of love for a certain breed. That’s why they put so much effort and pride into taking care of their animals. However, there are also people who use them as toys. So, it’s advisable to check on a breeder’s reputation and on the health of the dogs before you purchasing one.

Dogs in a cage

Keep in mind that an accredited breeder gives a certificate that state the breed, weight, health, and in some cases a prediction about this specific dog’s behavior and growth.

Not just anyone can be a breeder

The people in charge of these places are specialists of a certain breed. They know the traits, strengths, and weaknesses of a certain breed like the back of their hand. They want to earn money, of course, but what really motivates them is their love for the breed.

This is where the World Canine Organization comes in. They have classification guidelines that they use with a country’s dog organization. In the case of the United States, it’s called the American Kennel Club.

Boxer puppies

A breeder has to be knowledgeable about the psychology of the breed they’re working on, along with its history, common diseases, and behavior. They also need to have leadership qualities. It’s not just about having control over the dogs themselves, but also choosing the best place for breeding them.

A breeder should also choose the calmest dogs and find employees that are best-suited to help them maintain the dogs in perfect condition. Their job also involves training these employees about training and caring for the breed.

What the mating process is like for a breeder

When females are in heat, some of them disrupt the overall good behavior of the group. Therefore, they are separated into pens away from the men in order to avoid any problems from taking place. There are also a series of conditions that a breeder has to ensure to guarantee the mating process goes properly.

Labrador retrievers

The World Canine Organization  has specific guidelines about these mating processes:

  • Establishing conditions for the mating take place.
  • If it happens away from the breeding center, then they need to set up a place, and make sure that it’s safe and in sanitary conditions.
  • If the female causes any damage, the breeder takes responsibility for the expense. They also have to take care of transporting her.
  • Only one male may mate with the female. If he doesn’t want to mate with her, she can’t mate with another dog unless there is a prior agreement between the owners.
  • When it comes to the female’s offspring, the owner of the male has no claim to any of the puppies, without prior agreement.
  • If the mating process fails, the owner of the male is entitled to compensation from the other breeder, or to choose another date free of charge.

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This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.