If You Live in Madrid, You'll Have to Run a DNA Test on Your Dog

If You Live in Madrid, You'll Have to Run a DNA Test on Your Dog

Last update: 28 June, 2018

In Madrid, an autonomous community wants to take action on people who don’t pick up their pet’s feces in public areas.  This community intends to register and identify them.

It’s a big for responsible owners who have to pay the price for other owners who don’t pick up their dog’s feces. Well, in Madrid this is going to end, because your dog will have to take a DNA test. That way authorities can recognize whether the feces collected by municipal public services are from your dog or from others.

Although this involves an expense that many people don’t want to pay, but it’s an initiative that everyone can benefit from. Thus, if you are one of the people who always pick up their pet’s feces, then you won’t have nothing to worry about. Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about this new initiative in Madrid.

The reason for the initiative

There are many irresponsible owners who don’t pick up their pets’ feces. This can be a huge annoyance not only to other dog owners, but also to the residents nearby. Every day civilians complain about having to deal with “stepping on dog poop”.

There are many places where you can see posters begging people to be responsible pet owners. The pets are not to blame, because the owners are the ones who need to be responsible. All of this has caused those who don’t have pets to reject animals. This has to stop!

Dog defecating in the grass

So, residents of Madrid have decided that the initiate is not enough, instead they’ll have to enforce regulations. Obviously, many pet owners don’t pick up their animal’s feces because they believe they can get away with it.

With this new regulation, everything will change. Though, it’s bad news for those who don’t pick up feces, and good news for those who do, because they will not pay for the mistakes of others.

You’ll have to run a DNA test on your dog

In every city there are certain places where dogs can walk, such as parks or specific streets. If the owners do not pick up their pets’ feces, they start accumulating and become an inconvenience to everyone who lives in the area.

Due to complaints from many neighbors, a new initiative has begun in Madrid: every dog must take a DNA test. Plus, each dog will need to undergo a blood test in order to determine whether or not it is on record.

Madrid aims to create an extensive database listing registered dogs, as well as those who have taken the DNA test.
Women petting a black lab
A public operator will be in charge of collecting the pet feces and take them to a laboratory, where they will be analyzed. They will look at the DNA of pets whose owners don’t pick up their feces and the owners will be fined.

Neighbors who find feces can take them to the police station or call the withdrawal services to do so. Also, over time, it will be possible to know if a dog is registered and has taken the DNA test. The owner will be fined if neither is true.

What about other cities?

Other cities like Tarragona and some municipalities in Valles have managed to impose fines for feces left on the street. However, this new initiative will undoubtedly make their job much easier.

Most likely, many cities in the country will follow Madrid’s steps when it comes to this initiative, so don’t be surprised if you are soon required to run a DNA test on your dog.

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