Animal Rescue Organization Evicted from Shelter Site

Animal Rescue Organization Evicted from Shelter Site

Last update: 31 August, 2018

We like to tell beautiful stories about people rescuing dogs. However, sometimes we have to share news that’s not so good, like today. In this article, we’ll tell you about how a rescue animal foundation was evicted. Unfortunately, it’s a sad story.

Animal rescue foundation Animalove evicted

The “Animalove” Foundation has been serving stray animals for over four years in Tabio, Colombia. It’s home to over 350 dogs and 30 cats rescued from the streets. The shelter provides veterinary care if they’re sick or injured. They also vaccinate and sterilize the animals and find loving families for them.

The director of Animalove, Johana Pérez, confirms that they have paid rent for the 12 thousand square meter property. She also confirms that over the years they have invested over 50 million Colombian pesos (over 17 thousand dollars) to make the foundation operational.

The organization has 10 permanent employees. Among them is a veterinarian responsible for the care and welfare of almost 400 animals. It is a non-profit foundation that rescues dogs and cats from the streets. For these reasons, it’s hard to understand why the mayor of Tabio would evict them.

Some years ago, the City Council ordered them to collect signatures from their neighbors to be able to work in this location. They met that requirement. They have a document signed by those who live nearby supporting them in their work. In addition, they have been legally registered since 2012.

Details about the eviction

Animal rescue foundation evicted.

The government’s eviction invokes the Territorial Ordinance Plan. The plan doesn’t take into account the use of land for activities like those of an animal rescue foundation. The foundation, with the help of a lawyer, appealed the decision. However, the courts didn’t consider the appeal, and the decision to close the place still stands.

Because it is not a commercial establishment, they should be able to continue to operate. A point in favor of the foundation is they have never received any noise or odor complaints. The animals are very well cared for.

According to the secretary of the Mayor of Tabio, the foundation cannot continue there since it does not meet the land use requirements. In addition, he believes they are making a profit from the animals. In statements to the local radio, the governors said that Animalove should be responsible for the relocation of the dogs and that they will give them sufficient time to do so.

Workers and volunteers are organizing a marathon to collect funds and find new land they can relocate to. For the moment, the process is ongoing while they look for reconciliation or relocation of the animals within the same municipality.

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