The Company that Adopted Cats to Relieve Stress

When we think of a working feline we often think of a house one that "works" for its upkeep. But now a company adopted several cats to "work" to relieve stress among their employees.
The Company that Adopted Cats to Relieve Stress

Last update: 22 September, 2019

Interacting with animals in the workplace is a practice that’s becoming quite common in several countries. It’s a proven fact that contact with pets reduces employee stress and increases their productivity. So, with this in mind, a Japanese company adopted several cats to relieve stress among their employees and obtained excellent results with the experience.

From the street to the office

Ferray Corporation is an IT Japanese company based in Tokyo. They provide computer consulting services and also develop web pages and applications. Their director, Hidenobu Fukuda, had the fantastic idea of ​​adopting street cats to improve employee performance in the work environment.

Working hours in this Asian country are usually very long. Even though they’re regulated by law to work for 40 hours per week, most people work about 70. As you can imagine, stress is quite prevalent among employees.

So, what a better way to end stress than to have cats purring around the office? Fukuda thought so, and he wasn’t wrong.

Ever since the company adopted several cats, the workers at Ferrey are happier and perform much better. Likewise, the rescued cats who had the opportunity to leave a situation of abandonment, are now radiant and thriving in their new job.

Working while surrounded by cats is a positive experience

A person petting a cat to relieve stress.
Everything seems to work better in a more relaxed work environment. This is why Fukuda encourages his employees to adopt cats. He rewards them with an extra bonus every time they do. It’s quite clear that they are allowed to go to work with their new pet too.

In Ferray, is pretty common to see people working in front of a computer while a beautiful cat rests on their legs or runs between desks.

Of course, not everything always goes perfectly. These restless animals can sometimes cut off a phone call or turn something off while running around.

This “cats in the office” policy is a resounding success. Interestingly, the CEO of the company introduced it at the beginning of the century at the request of one of his collaborators.

You may not know about it, but cat coffee shops are increasing in the Japanese capital. Many customers go there just to pet cats and relax while playing with them.

A company adopted several cats to relieve stress and obtained great results

A company adopted several cats and it improved performance.
Luckily for humans and animals, the benefits of living with pets are increasingly noticed in many cultures.

Not that long ago, a person had to wait to get to their home to be with their kitty and try to de-stress from an exhausting workday with them. It seems things are changing. There are now many places where it’s acceptable to bring your cat to your office.

There are many more happy employees now and they’re hardly stressed at all. In addition, absenteeism is no longer a problem. Isn’t it funny how a company achieved the ideal of every employee? To think they found it in street cats! With some luck, they’ll also help them get a raise.

The advantages of being in contact with a furry creature are many and some company managers seem to have figured it out. This is obvious, as people who have pets get sick less and recover faster.

Benefits for a company that adopted several cats

In any case, these cute animals don’t only take away anxiety and stress, but they can also contribute to:

  • A reduction in blood pressure and a slow down of a person’s heart rate
  • There’s also a 30% decrease in the risk of death by heart-related diseases
  • In addition, our body produces serotonin (the happiness hormone) when we hear a cat purr.

As you can see, cats contribute to feelings of wellness and help people sleep better too. So, now you know, get a cat in your house and take it to work, it’ll guarantee you a happier and healthier life. Thanks for reading!

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