Discover the Luxurious Dog Hotel in India

The love for animals has no limits, and some pet owners will stop at nothing to pamper their pets. Discover a luxurious dog hotel in India today.
Discover the Luxurious Dog Hotel in India

Last update: 09 May, 2020

Around the world, people are passionate about their love for animals. For example today we want to tell you all about a luxurious dog hotel in India. If you’re a dog lover, this article’s for you.

Discover all you want to know about the luxurious dog hotel in India

The relationship between man and dog has a long history. Originally, man used dogs exclusively for work, but soon a friendship was born. And today, many dogs are treated like kings in their homes. The truth is, the love for dogs has no bounds. In fact, many dogs enjoy more luxuries than humans. We’re not here to pass judgment, but we just want to tell you all about an Indian eccentricity that might interest you.

The luxurious dog hotel in India is located in Gurugram, a satellite city of New Delhi. It offers canines a life full of luxury that includes massages, a pool, hair salons, and a café. Critterari is the first luxury hotel for dogs on the Asian continent.

The Critterari dog hotel.
Source: Critterati Hotel

Critterari isn’t just a hotel, it’s also known as a high-end dog kennel. It also devotes itself to caring for puppies so that they grow up in an environment of maximum comfort and luxury. That way, they develop into even-tempered and well-balanced dogs that the kennel can sell for a great deal of money.

Each suite costs some 65 dollars per night, which may not seem excessive… especially considering it’s cheaper than some hotel rooms for people. This hotel has special rooms that offer a private balcony, television, velvet headboard, and a giant bed.

It’s worth pointing out that, in the diner, dogs eat everything from rice and chicken to muffins, ice cream, and pancakes. The favorite choice for dogs that stay at this luxurious hotel in India is bacon.

The routine for dogs at the Critterati

While the dogs are surrounded by luxury at this hotel, staying there is about more than just relaxing all day. The main objective of this place is to care for dogs and bring them up in the best possible way. Therefore, the hotel has established a routine that all dogs must follow, without exception .

The day starts at 7 am when all the dogs go outdoors to go to the bathroom. Next comes breakfast, followed by another potty break. Later, a play session begins so the animals can exercise their bodies and minds. Then, in order to recover from exercise, the dogs can spend an hour in the café. Massages, the pool, and other installations also make up part of this routine .

At first, there was some debate over whether or not this luxury was suitable for dogs. Many claimed the animals would destroy the hotel, but time has proven the benefits of the establishment. In fact, thanks to the strict routine, all of the dogs are asleep by 7 pm.

This hotel in India is just one more example of the love that the inhabitants of India have for their pets. Research has shown that there were some 2 million domestic animals in India in 2002. But, if you think that’s a lot, how about the fact that that today, 18 years later, there are more than 15 million.

It’s hard to believe that India, one of the countries with the worst poverty levels in the world, is so concerned about offering luxury to dogs. Perhaps these resources could be used to help relieve the hunger and misery of many people. That is, of course, without neglecting the animals we so love.

But like we said at the beginning, who are we to judge?

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