Do You Want to Sleep Better? Get a Dog!

Do You Want to Sleep Better? Get a Dog!

Last update: 05 June, 2018

We’ve talked a lot about the many benefits of having a dog. They’re good for stress, self-esteem, depression, loneliness, and so many other things. But today we want to talk about how having a dog can help you sleep better.

Yes, you heard right. If you have trouble sleeping, don’t worry. Get a dog and your insomnia will disappear! And this isn’t just something that we’ve pulled out of thin air. A study now shows that it’s true.

Study confirms dogs help us sleep better

Dogs help us sleep better.

Some people think sharing their bed with a dog is unhygienic, but others love it. This article doesn’t fall on either side of the argument. We’re just focused on the findings of a study that shows how sleeping with a dog can help you sleep better.

The study was carried out at Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona. It confirms that although sleeping with your dog might seem counterproductive, this isn’t true at all.

Many people think their dog moving or making noise would disturb their sleep. They think it will wake them up or keep them from falling into a deeper sleep. But this study clearly showed that sleeping with a dog is good for you. You get a better night’s sleep.

The study was carried out with 150 people. Of these, 74 had a pet, whether it be a cat or a dog. Of them, 56% allowed their pet to sleep with them, either in the same bedroom or the same bed. 41% admitted that sleeping with their pet made them feel safer, more relaxed, and peaceful, all feelings which certainly help us sleep better.

The environment that we sleep in is crucial. Being relaxed and at peace helps us sleep more deeply and for longer. If a pet can help us feel this way, it obviously is a good thing.

According to Lois Krahn, director of the study, anyone treating someone with a sleep disorder should see what the patient’s home environment is like at bedtime. If they have pets, the pets could help improve their sleep.

Sleeping better with your pet – In the bed? Or in the bedroom?

Sleeping with a dog.

As we said at the beginning, everyone has their own preferences. While one person might love sharing a bed with their pet, another person would prefer them to just be in the same bedroom. There are other people who don’t like either.

The study didn’t make a distinction between whether the pet shared the bed or just the bedroom. Both ways help. However, each person should choose based on their own preferences and needs.

What has been shown, however, is that if your pet sleeps outside the bedroom and you have sleep problems, it’s time to let them into the bedroom. It’ll make you feel safe and relaxed, which will help you sleep better.

This is especially the case for people who live alone or for people with reduced mobility. Subconsciously you’ll feel accompanied, protected, and safe.

Now you’ve seen that studies say sleeping with your pet is good for your sleep. So, what are you waiting for? Let your dog into the bedroom!


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