Meet the Dog Who Loves Horror Movies

Meet the Dog Who Loves Horror Movies

Last update: 01 May, 2018

It is true that people sometimes like things that hurt them. Maybe “hurt” is not the right word; let’s just say things that cause them a little anxiety. The reason why  we feel like this is unknown, but what about when it’s a dog that expresses this? How can we explain it? Today we’ll tell you about a dog who loves horror movies and, although he suffers, can’t stop watching them.

However, now that we mention this issue, the question arises – do dogs really watch television?

The dog who loves horror movies

The story of this dog horror movie buff might answer that question, or perhaps not. Here’s a video in which a puppy is watching a scary film on the couch in his home.

As you can see in the video, the dog is comfortable watching the horror movie, until he sees a scary scene. Then the animal’s instincts kick in and he feels the need to hide on the couch. What is it that really frightens him? Can dogs watch television and understand the scenes, whether they are horror scenes or otherwise?

Can dogs watch television?

You’ve probably caught your dog several times gazing intently at the screen. In fact, if you live alone, you may feel like you have a partner to watch a movie with, and even to eat popcorn with.

To what extent do dogs understand what they see on television? A few years ago an ad by LG showed many dogs watching the TV intently, and they approached the screen when other dogs appeared on it.

There are channels that emit soothing colors and music for dogs in order to calm them down and make them go through an orienting experience.

In fact, a study by National Geographic explains that dogs can process TV images, and that, contrary to the urban legend, dogs do not see in black and white, but in color. This does not make them see like humans, however, because our chromatic range has 3 base colors from which we can form countless shades: red, blue and yellow, but dogs only have two: blue and yellow.

Still, they can see the world in color, and can differentiate perfectly what they see on TV, as is the case of the dog watching horror movies.

In fact, the study confirms the idea that dogs can recognize animals they have never seen before, as well as barking and other sounds that the TV can emit.

So why do they sometimes ignore the TV?

girl with dog

Well, your dog has his own personality – sometimes he likes to watch TV, but that doesn’t mean he wants to do it all the time! Do you?

In addition, there may be sounds or images on certain television programs that do not attract the animal’s attention, and therefore he simply does not want to watch.

If you have to leave your dog for several hours alone at home while you work or have to go somewhere, you can turn on a channel called DogTv. This channel broadcasts from the United States and shows specific content for dogs 24 hours a day. Program the TV to turn off on its own, since it is neither healthy nor balanced for your dog to spend all day in front of the telly. An hour or two will be more than enough.

Nor should you think that the television can be a substitute for playing games or the going on walks, it is just an extra thing for your dog’s happiness, especially when he is alone at home.

Knowing all of this, in the case of the dog who loves horror movies, what frightened him? It is very likely that he did not understand the images themselves, but that the scene was unpleasant, and contained cries and loud noises that he probably found disturbing.

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