Not without you! What activities can you do with your dog?

Not without you! What activities can you do with your dog?

Last update: 08 May, 2018

For people who have a dog, one of the hardest things is to leave them behind when we go somewhere. Unfortunately in many countries there is still a lack of awareness about pets and it’s hard to think of activities that allow your furry friend to join you.

There are still people who think that dogs are like walking diseases, spreading viruses and killing people all over the place. However, there are actually all kinds of great places to go and activities you can do with your dog.

What can you do with your dog?

There are lots of activities you can do with your dog, and even some apps to help. Let’s talk about some.

In the city

Many restaurants don’t allow dogs, even if they have nice outdoor spaces. For this reason, in Basque Country, where 1 out of 4 households has a four-legged friend, they have created an app called Dog Vivant to help dog owners know which public establishments in their community they can go to with their pets.

There are already apps like that for other communities, and also virtual guides to tell you where your dog will be welcome. Among these establishments, there are restaurants, bars, shops, libraries and more. Can you imagine reading a book with your pup? It would be a funny scene.

Search online for places you can go with your dog in your city.


Let’s be honest, you can’t take your dog to just any mountain to hike; some can be very dangerous for them. But there are some trails that do welcome pets.

For example in certain mountains in Catalonia, trails have been created where you can hike with your dog. It’s great! You can also meet other owners with their dogs and do the trail together. They also throw in a guide for camping with your dog.

Activities to do with dogs: a dog and a girl on a road trip.

Travel with your dog

It’s getting easier to travel with dogs. Increasing numbers of hotels are joining the DogFriendly program that we’ve mentioned before. According to Affinity’s travel guide with pets, there are about 3500 hotels that accept pets in Spain, in addition to 3700 rural houses and 1000 campsites.

There are websites that can help you in finding a place to stay where your dog is welcome, even in countries like France, Holland and Germany.

Doggy meetings

Another good activity to do with your dog is to take him out to socialize with his neighbors. There are probably plenty of dogs in your neighborhood, and to help you connect with them, there is the Doggy Talky app.

This app connects you with the dog owners who live close to you. You can then contact them to meet up through chat and private messages. You can have group conversations and organize meetings with dog owners in the neighborhood without having to wait until you run into each other on a walk.

Have fun!

It’s just a matter of doing a bit of research and letting your imagination go. Planning activities with your dog doesn’t have to be a headache.

There are hundreds of apps and websites that can help you do it. We hope that these great ideas are launched in other countries so that everyone knows that dogs are a part of the family and deserve to have fun along with us.

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